Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The {Almost} Champ

Owen's championship game ended in a loss, but you wouldn't have known it by his smile.

That's right, y'all, Owen Bauer's six-and-under soccer team made it to the final round of playoffs. They played an excellent game, but lost by two. Once the final whistle blew, kids from both teams rushed to the park employee who passed out their coveted trophies. Owen went straight to the snacks after that {priorities}, then found me to show off his major award. "It's made of metal, Mom!" He cheesed as I held up my phone next to the other soccer moms.

Owen tried soccer in the spring, but the league ended up falling apart before tournament time. That bummed him out, so he was ready to get kicking last month. He was placed with a wonderful coach and a fantastic squad of girls and boys. Sure, I had to yell for my kid to watch the ball more times than I could count in a single game, but Owen learned a lot. We learned a lot about him, too!

The most obvious factor is that Owen did not get my coordination nor speed. When his head in the game, he can beat his opponents to the goal, and he's quick to jump in front of it and kick it out. Most of the games I attended this season I got to see his defense skills in action, but every game I missed he scored goals. I don't think I'm a jinx, but don't put the idea in his head, okay?

Aunt B and Uncle P gave Owen a portable soccer goal for his birthday and he's been getting in some backyard practice. He already told Jonathan he wants to spend the winter working on his footwork and kicking it harder than ever before. His best friend was on another team, and while they were at odds at wanting to win over each other, they have vowed to practice together in the off-season.

This is the first sport Owen has tried, but he's also interested in tee ball. As long as schedules don't overlap, it seems like 2017 will be the year of sports for Owen. I want to always encourage my kids to try to do something new and every once in a while, it's something that brings them joy. Win or lose.

I don't know if Owen will keep up with soccer until he's on the high school team, but it will be interesting to find out. Before we skip ahead an entire decade, I'm looking forward to next fall when his curly-headed sister will stand on the white line beside him. I'm not sure how that will go, but she's chomping at the bit.

Whatever the case may be, it ought to result in amazing pictures. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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