Monday, November 21, 2016

The Halls are Decked

Christmas came early to the Bauer house this year. Really early.

I can recall one year in the history of our marriage that Christmas was unpacked in November, but having a home covered in cheer before Thanksgiving is unprecedented. Nevertheless, a glorious tree is softly glowing in the corner of our living room.

Friday night Jonathan and I stuffed our coat-clad kids in the car and hit the highway in search of the perfect Christmas tree. While this opening has Christmas Vacation written all over it, in all reality we pulled into Home Depot. Last year half of our pre-lit tree decided to no longer light. We needed an upgrade.

We unanimously decided on a high-tech number that can be either classic white lights or multi-colored {I will always and forever be in favor of rainbow trees}. It's the same height as our previous tree, but it sure does feature a larger width. More room for presents?

The giant box sat on our kitchen floor for 24 hours. We knew we weren't going to hide it away only to drag it out once the leftover turkey hit the fridge. I also knew the box that could easily house my family was causing my eye to twitch. Honestly, friends, we had no choice in the matter.

Jonathan started the process of getting the tree constructed and branches properly fluffed, and I helped by playing every song in my Christmas playbook. {This had nothing to do with getting out of fluffing duty. Promise.} I do enjoy looking at my house filled with holiday spirit, but getting from Point A to Point B isn't my happy place. Half-empty boxes tower precariously, glitter's spilling on the table, Nora's holding Owen's elf, and Nathan can't find his stocking. Madness.

The descent into Christmas madness is not a slow one.

Aside from failure to pose without laughing/falling, however, this year went rather smoothly.

Nora put all the ornaments in one eye-level glob. The boys had a fun time together, pulling out baby photos and preschool hand prints. Jonathan and I even got a little nostalgic with decor blasts from the past {those Our First Christmas snowmen had no idea what they were getting into}.

Now we plan to spend the post-Thanksgiving weekend with our feet propped up while the rest of you jokers rush through the holiday changeover. You should know that decorating is the only thing I have checked off my list, though. I haven't even thought about starting shopping, mailing cards, or getting with Santa on a game plan. As for right now, however, I'll put off that eventual procrastination and bask in the LED glow of productivity.

In hindsight, there was only one major issue with putting up the tree in mid-November. It arrived in the form of an eager three-year-old.

Only 33 more days of hearing, "So, is it gonna be Christmas tomorrow?!

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