Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trick-or-Treat Trail

Monday afternoon we drove three excited kids to the park, each holding a plastic pumpkin.

The orange pumpkin belonged to one terrifying nine-year-old grim reaper, whose costume worked in both scare factor and hiding his identity. The green pumpkin was carried by Officer Owen, ready to arrest anyone who's not quick with the candy {and informing the people at McDonald's that cops eat free}. Finally, the hot pink pumpkin was clutched by the prettiest ballerina princess the city park has seen. Her curls tucked delicately under her Elsa crown, and chin held high.

Three Things:
1. Yes, Nora was a ballerina for Halloween 2015.
2. Yes, ballerinas and ballerina princesses are two different things.
3. Yes, she was supposed to be a skeleton.

Instead of braving the grandparents' neighborhood this year, my mom and I took the easy way out since Jonathan was away on business. Our town offers a trick-or-treat trail at the park, where various organizations line the sidewalk with buckets of candy {and that one dentist with the toothbrushes}. It was the way to go: minimum scares, maximum candy.

As for the story on Nora, this year she was dedicated to the idea that Halloween is for spooky costumes. She even scoffed at her friends' Disney get-ups and told them all about her skeleton suit. It even glows in the dark, for crying out loud.

Days leading up to the big show, I would ask her to try it on. "No, Mom! I can't put it on until Halloween!" I knew what was coming. She knew what was coming. The only question was... who would win?

Nora. Nora won this battle, thanks to my miraculous ability to locate her leotard, pink frilly skirt, and a princess crown to jazz it up. She was as happy as could be skipping along the trail. She enthusiastically shouted her trick-or-treat request to everyone {except that one guy dressed as the Joker}, and politely thanked them all. After the sugar high began to wane, she even asked to sleep in her beautiful, not-so-spooky costume.

Those Bauer boys had a great Halloween, too! Both saw kids they knew from school and had fun checking out everyone's costumes. A few favorites included a tiny baby dressed as an old lady, Velma from Scooby Doo, and one impressive Minecraft Steve. Once Nathan got too hot in his reaper hood, he pulled it off and heard shouts of "Oh, Nathan! I didn't know it was you!" He got a kick out of being completely unrecognizable {and I did a good job keeping up with which grim reaper was mine}.

Halloween is a wrap... time to put the tree up? I kid, I kid. Nora is still practicing her trick-or-treat skills, and I'm trying to stick to a one Kit Kat a day habit. We'll see how that goes...

Happy Hump Day, y'all! How spooky was your Halloween?

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Desperately Seeking Gina said...

Oh, love the idea of a Trick-or-Treat trail. May have to suggest that for our town After Dark in the Park.

Nora just cracks me up. Your boys seem so mellow, how do they interact with Nora?

Jessica Bauer said...

Well, Gina, it sounds like you need to come to my house to clear some things up. Nathan = Mellow, yes. Owen... is another story. Sure, compared to Nora they can be calm little angels, but they hold their own. :) They have their fights often enough, but every once in a while the stars align just right and they get along great - and it's quite entertaining!