Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Quiz

The cards are in the mail, the presents are under the tree, and Santa Claus is sitting on go.

It's Christmas Eve Eve, y'all! Today our final holiday preparations are underway. My helpers and I are attempting to keep the kitchen intact while baking four different types of cookies. We'll box them up and head to central Arkansas bright and early tomorrow for our first festivities, then make it back down for Christmas Vigil Mass. Fingers crossed we'll all be snug in bed before Santa flies in. While I'm checking my list twice, I thought you might enjoy a little Christmas Q&A. I sat down with each member of the bunch for some yuletide entertainment. Read on and enjoy:

PS: Can you name each of the reindeer without singing the song? I'll give you a cookie if you can.

What is on your Christmas list?
Nathan: "An iPod Touch, some new headphones, new Nike or Under Armour clothes, a case for the iPod, a hover board, Converse shoes, and that should be it."
Owen: "A remote control four-wheeler and a dirt bike. I really want a dirt bike because I'm practicing to go on two wheels, and this is kind of like a motorcycle, I think. It probably goes fast."
Nora: "Mash 'Ems and toys because I love them. There are already presents for meeee. On the treee. And I'm singiiiiiing. I'm like that big elf, Mom." {I can't make this stuff up.}

What is the best thing about Christmas?
Nathan: "Opening presents and being with family."
Owen: "Santa's coming, and I really love Santa."
Nora: "Presents! And brownies that are like Santa!"

Where does Santa live?
Nathan: "The North Pole, duh!"
Owen: "In the North Pole."
Nora: "His house."

What are the names of Santa's reindeer?
Nathan: "Dasher, Donner, Dixon, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid... oh yeah, Rudolph! Prancer! Okay, I guess that's all."
Owen: "Comet and Cupit and Doncer and Spencer and Rudolph annnnnnd Dixon... and Cupit... and I think that's it."
Nora: "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and I can't remember their names, really."

What is Santa's favorite food?
Nathan: "Milk and cookies!"
Owen: "Hot chocolate and cookies. I think he likes to eat cake while he's delivering presents, too."
Nora: "Cookies! He likes cookies because he has a big belly."

What will Santa bring me and Dad for Christmas?
Nathan: "He will bring Mom makeup and Dad an iPhone 7 because he really wants one."
Owen: "A new gun for Dad and makeup and lipstick for my Mom."
Nora: "Santa will give Mommy a reindeer. Maybe Daddy will get a Nerf gun."

Merry Christmas to one and all!
Enjoy your weekend, love your people, and rejoice in the reason for the season.

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Georgeanne @ Southern Fried Soprano said...

I am convinced that Nora is an angel sent from heaven to make me happy. I love your boys, too, but Nora just GETS ME.

Merry Christmas and here's hoping Owen, Nora, and Nathan get everything on their list! (And you too!)