Friday, December 2, 2016

Dear December

Thursday morning we woke to find everything in our yard covered in frosty sparkles.

We had to convince Nora it wasn't snow, but all three kids were happy to see this chilly start to December. I could go on about how 2016 was a blink {which is accurate}, but this Scrooge is turning over a new leaf. Most of my recent posts are holiday related, and today is no different. I would apologize, but that wouldn't be in line with my merry demeanor. December is here, it's already too cold, but Christmas is just around the bend.

That's why today I want to share my #XmasGoals with you. Below are a few things I'm looking forward to/already enjoying this month, along with the traditions I'm ready to relive. Dig in, y'all!

  • Yesterday marked the start of December. It also marked my first holiday Amazon order, which included gifts for my kids and... other family members {no secret Santa snitches here}. I don't know that I have ever started Christmas shopping this early. This elf is on a roll, friends.

  • Bring on the Bauer Bunch traditions! From the themed pancakes on Christmas morning to driving in search of the best lights in our pajamas, I love creating these memories for our kids. I'll always enjoy reminiscing on the traditions my parents gave me, but forming them as a parent myself takes it up a notch.

  • Let's back up the Christmas train a little and talk Advent. The feeling of preparing our hearts and waiting patiently for the coming of Jesus Christ really makes me slow down and refocus. Every year our youth group hosts Mass on the third Sunday, and we celebrate the joy that Mary's yes brought to the universe. In my very biased opinion - it's awesome.

  • Looking at my planner between today and December 25, there's not much white space. While a lot of those days are filled with scrambling to finish the semester, most squares are marked for togetherness. Tonight I'm celebrating the holidays with two friends at dinner. In a few weeks we'll head to the company Christmas party, and Owen and Nathan have class parties not long after that. We'll also fit birthday celebrations for both my brother and my husband in there. We'll be busy, but it's the good kind.

  • Santa Claus is coming to town... tomorrow. None of my children have properly met Santa Claus. Tiny Nathan sat on his lap in Conway once, but that's it. However, that will change in the morning when we join the bearded man in red for pancakes. I'm very eager to see what happens. Stay tuned.

  • Finally, my biggest Christmas goal of 2016 is soaking up as much love as I possibly can. Together with my family I want to share the hope, peace, joy, and love that Jesus brought to a cold, unforgiving world the night He was born. This year I want to remember to love others as hard as Jesus loves me, and to focus on what Christmas truly means. What's your biggest goal this season?

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