Monday, December 19, 2016

Jackpot Jessie

Sometimes you have to live a little.

It's good to snag any chance to let loose of the stress that often accompanies the Christmas countdown. This weekend was that exactly. When my husband came home with a dozen roses and started packing weekend bags {one for us, one for the kids}, I knew I was in for a treat! He swept me away to Hot Springs for pre-holiday rest and relaxation. It was a delightful weekend of solo dining, quality time, and crossing off our shopping list.

One of the weekend's high points begins with the following fun fact: In all of my 32 years, I have never legally participated in the goings-on of a casino. That changed late Saturday when the rainbow lights of Oaklawn Racing and Gaming called to us. Apparently there's more to do in the off-season than wait for the ponies.

We rode the escalator arm-in-arm and found a huge room filled with lights, sounds, people, and free drinks {I had no idea this was a thing}. After walking past countless rows of machines and watching the more serious players line the poker tables, it was time to start. We grabbed one bill apiece and tested our luck.

Jonathan chose a few different machines for me, but I was quick to cash out when the feeling wasn't right. Then I found it. A machine adorned with flame graphics and a Hot Roll Bonus drew me in, and with good reason. I placed dollar bet after dollar bet. Often I'd hit a couple quarters, but then a $40 bonus or a $25 hit would keep me rolling. My dear husband sat beside me and was quickly cleared out of cash. I was determined to get his money back.

I explored a few more exciting options, like the bright, shiny Wheel of Fortune, but my fortune dwindled to a sliver of what I pulled from the ATM. I knew I had to go back to that coveted machine before someone else discovered my secret. I grabbed a free Coke, put in my ticket, and I was on a roll. A hot roll, if you will.

I punched the cash out button when I had earned back my original total, plus Jonathan's original total, plus six bucks. We walked out of Oaklawn like royalty, and pulled into Sonic to turn our extra dollars into drinkable winnings. Who knows if my lucky streak was a one-time thing or if we need to make this a standing date. In hindsight, however, I think I should leave professional gambling to those with more self-control. All Sunday morning while we were helping Santa get our kids hooked up, I kept reminding my husband how much more we could buy had he just given me another hour at the slots.

Yeah, maybe it shouldn't be a regular thing.

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope your weekend was wonderful, too.

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Ashley Ponder said...

I love going to Oaklawn once the races start up. It is always a girls weekend that we really enjoy.

Jessica Bauer said...

As much fun as I was having with my husband, I kept thinking this would be a perfect addition to girls' weekend! I've never been to the actual races, either. I may need to add that to my 2017 bucket list. Thanks for reading, Ashley! :)