Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ornament Exchange 2016

The most wonderful time of the year sure brings the best mail days.

From Christmas cards featuring smiling friends and family {and cats} to packages that must be expertly hidden, my mailbox and front porch stay full. One particular package I look forward to every year arrived a few days ago. The Arkansas Women Bloggers is a community full of women writers I adore, and I love participating in their annual handmade ornament swap. I'm not the most crafty blogger, but it's fun to send Christmas spirit across the state.

Bonus: I love getting a little handmade cheer in return! One of the most colorful characters in the ARWB group is Kellee Mayfield, aka Delta Moxie. I met her at my first conference in 2014, but in the last year I've enjoyed watching her grow as both a blogger and an artist. She does gorgeous work with various paint mediums, and I am a huge fan of her style.

I knew when I saw Kellee's name on a package in my mail box that this ornament swap was working in my favor. I had zero clue, however, that inside was an original painting!

I am absolutely honored to have Kellee's work hanging on my tree. The colors in this gorgeous landscape are perfection, and I can't stop staring at it. I long for days of golden fields and clear blue skies, and I think this is the perfect way to tide me over. This ornament may end up being a year-round decoration.

Although the recipient of my handiwork was not matched with an artist, I held up my end of the deal. Julie Kohl, who actually heads up the ornament exchange and the creative content on the Arkansas Women Bloggers site, gave me her name. I knew it had to be good. While Julie's a super foodie and a great craft maker, one of my favorite things about her is her love for the open water. She's a fantastic paddle boarder and feels at home on the beach, just like me! I ran with that theme and produced the following ornament:

The sand actually came from a recent trip to Florida and I hope this ornament brings memories to keep her warm during the freezing winter days. I had a great time reading through Julie's blog to get a feel for what she would like. I think you would probably enjoy reading both Delta Moxie and Julie Kohl, so check them out while you count down to Christmas. Just four days left, y'all!

Have a great Wednesday, friends, and happy 34th birthday to my old man!

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