Monday, December 5, 2016

Seeing Santa

As Nora sat down with her marshmallow-topped pancakes, she saw him.

Across the activity center was an armchair, flanked by wrapped gift boxes and a tall tree. In that chair sat the man himself. Santa Claus. Her eyes grew as she tapped me on the shoulder to show me. She's spent weeks belting out her favorite Christmas tune about this guy coming to town, but she had yet to come face to face with him. However, Saturday morning Nora was one happy plate away from victory.

You get the gist that taking my kids to meet Santa this weekend was a big deal, right? Each December the local Junior Auxiliary hosts Breakfast with Santa, which features an all-you-can-eat pancake feast and photos with the man in red. I stated in my last post {and shocked the nations} that this was our first year to attend. I had not been avoiding seeing Santa, we just never made time for it. When my kids learned it was an option, though, they were psyched.

Even Nathan, nine years old, stepped to the pancake bar as a kid living the dream. He returned to our table to show his pancakes topped with chocolate chips {white and dark}, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, and doused in syrup. Buddy the Elf would have been proud. Nora devoured her pancakes to jump in the Santa line, and Owen morphed into a social butterfly as soon as he recognized faces from school.

Nora spun in circles, repeating her toy order to herself. "Paw Patrol toys and Paw Patrol Mash 'Ems. Paw Patrol toys and Paw Patrol Mash 'Ems." She wasn't going to forget.

My kids can be shy with new people, so I half-expected one or two to scram mid-line. Let the record show I'm not about to make my child sit on the lap of someone who makes him or her nervous {sort of weird if you think about it too hard}. That being said, the Bauer kids were ready. They cheesed at the camera and thanked him for the candy canes. While walking away, however, Nora realized she and Santa forgot to have a chat. In the midst of cameras flashing, no one asked her what she wanted this year.

Once the next group of kids were settled in Santa's lap, my curly-headed ninny muggins barged in on their photo and got Santa's attention. "Santa, Santa! I would like to have Paw Patrol toys and Paw Patrol Mash 'Ems!"

Sweet Christmas success, y'all.

Nora asked during the ride home if we could see him again. At first I thought it was endearing... then she explained she had a few more requests to whisper in his ear. We settled on mailing him a letter.

Happy Monday, friends! Have your kids met Santa yet this season? Love him or hate him?

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Georgeanne @ Southern Fried Soprano said...

This post made me smile REALLY BIG. Nora is my favorite. I wonder if she will remember meeting Santa? I hope so. And even if she doesn't, you have written it down and can show her.. that's so lovely to think about.

This is truly my favorite time of year. I never get sick of reading about holiday traditions, parties.. decorating... recipes...

Also, I want pancakes now. >:O

Jessica Bauer said...

The whole thing made me smile pretty big, too, Georgeanne! It's crazy to do Christmas from a parent's point of view, and I'm definitely glad to have this particular memory preserved. :)