Friday, December 30, 2016

The Week Between

The final six days of the year can be a strange place to exist.

The week between two holidays filled with rich food and hordes of people can get lost. For us, this time is spent dreading Christmas tree removal and finding homes for new toys. It's spent wondering what day it is and juggling where the kids will go as winter break drags on {and on}. It's spent deciding whether to eat or toss the last of the cookies and whether that one shirt should be returned. It's slow, it's boring, and sometimes it can be depressing.

Not this year.

I am happy to report our space between has been more than waiting for 2017 to just start already. Once I picked myself up after the Christmas rush, my family has enjoyed the unseasonable weather and I have enjoyed quality time with a handful of people I love. Here's how we have spent the final days of 2016:

Nora was gifted an Elsa Big Wheel for Christmas and this speed demon doesn't mess around. She has been drifting like a pro and racing her brothers up and down my parents' driveway. She also received this dress for Christmas. It has pockets. She keeps cookie-flavored Shopkins lipstick in them. She parks her Elsa Big Wheel when she needs to reapply her lipstick. All of my dreams, really.

Owen's been working on his riding skills, too, and he is officially down a notch on the wheel count {on a tiny bike}:

The afternoons outside are the shortest of the year, but we've done our best to use them wisely. While the chickens roamed free and safely out of the way, Jonathan brought out the BB gun. It was the first attempt for both boys, and both expertly hit the soda can. Owen, age 5, hit his mark the first try. And the second try. I missed. Twice.

One personal high point of this week was getting to spend time with two people I have loved for decades. Abby, Zach, and I have been very close since our high school band days and even further back. We've been there for each other in all the good and bad that comes with growing up. Although we each live in different states, nothing changes. It's usually a year between our face-to-face visits and the love comes flooding back every time. We had lunch Thursday to catch up and fill our hearts until next time. I can officially say my heart is full.

Bring it on, 2017. While 2016 might not win the Most Popular Year competition, I am proud of how we're ending it. My family is safe and happy and ready to see where our next chapter takes us.
How are you ending this chapter? Happy Friday, y'all!

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