Friday, January 6, 2017

A Snowy Day

Worst Snow Day scenario: being trapped with the one parent who isn't into it.

"What if the snow melts before Dad gets home?"
"Can you text him and see how much longer?"
"Does an hour and a half mean five minutes?"

While everyone was turning their pajamas inside out and praying for a blizzard last night, I was crossing my fingers the forecast was wrong. Much to my kids' delight, however, we woke up to a dusting. Being the kind mother I am, I literally pulled up my bootstraps and bundled my kids. We checked on the chickens who seemed to be very confused. We scrapped handfuls off the tractor and the hot tub cover. We watched Nora run in circles.

That was enough, right?

The answer was an obvious "no" from my small army of over-excited children. There were a few rounds of snow when Nora was baby, but I was never brave enough to get her in it. The poor girl had never let a snowflake land on her tongue, for crying out loud. She had some catching up to do. Eventually I ushered everyone inside with promises of a father who was willing to play in it after work.

Cue one long afternoon.

They were hanging off furniture, talking nonstop, and staring out the window while singing made-up songs about snow. One even slipped outside sans pants:

Snow continued to land at our house, and I continued to provide a firm no. By the time Jonathan made it home to save my sanity, the scene was a little different:

After a few snowball fights and frozen fingers, we called an end to this Snowy Day. Above is the last picture I snapped before darkness fell on the white grass. We ended up with more than an inch, which is pretty good for our corner of the state.

Now we are warm, dry, and cozy, just waiting on supper. If you can't tell from the rest of this post, that is my favorite part of a snow day. Happy weekend, friends! How much snow did y'all get today?

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Unknown said...

Ha ha! I love how she just couldn't wait! My little boy was excited for the snow too.