Monday, January 2, 2017

Dear 2017

We made it, y'all.

I think I read the phrase "dumpster fire" in reference to the year 2016 more than I have in my entire life. Nevertheless, we made it to the other side, with a new opportunity to focus on the forward. I love the feeling of wiping the slate clean {sans fire}, and today feels like a breath of fresh air. Breathe it in, y'all, we're starting over.

In the past I've made all sorts of promises about who I want to be in the months that follow the changing of calendars. Sometimes I keep them and smash the heck out of them, but often they leave my brain as soon as they leave my fingers. This year I'm shaking it up. This year I just want to keep going.

I want to keep going to the gym to strengthen my body and mind. I want to keep improving my marriage and loving Jonathan more every day. I want to keep raising my children and learning to be a better parent. I want to keep in touch with my people and make an effort to spend time with them. I want to keep taking care of myself and discovering who I am. I want to keep writing. I want to keep planting. I want to keep growing. I want to keep going.

This idea is more than a scribbled-down list to bury in the junk drawer. This is a promise to put one foot in front of the other and take things as they come. For me, 2017 is going to be a year about slashing expectations and living in the moment. Life will never look like I expect it to, but if I open my eyes to what's actually around me, sometimes it's surprisingly better.

Although there are zero bullet points on this New Year, New Me post, I do want to keep my tradition of a one-word focus for 2017. I refuse to commit to write a series on this {because let's be honest, I never do it}, but this word usually stays with me. This year's word should result from the go-with-the-flow attitude I desire. My One Little Word is...

Often the anxiety I carry manifests itself in the form of worrying how life will fit into a certain box. That constant worry can feel like literal weight on my shoulders. Focusing on what could go wrong tomorrow bogs me down today. This year I want to let go. I want to breathe in, breathe out, and let life happen. I will lighten my load in more ways than one and hopefully I can find a way to float through this year.

I have no clue what's to come in the days that follow, and that's okay. This year, I am ready to live. Let's go!

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