Monday, January 16, 2017

Family Fishing

Sunday afternoon we dodged cow pies and barbed wire and tried not to slide into the pond.

Yes, on purpose!

Late last week we asked the kids if they'd be interested in doing a bit of weekend fishing. Jonathan knows a guy up the road {yes, I mean that literally} who has a pond on his land he lets us borrow any time. All three kids enthusiastically agreed and we had our post-church plan ready to roll.

When I opened the door to Nora's room that morning and held my breath for her usual grumpiness, she surprised me with a smile. "Time to go fishing?!" This was her first trip to the pond and she was ready.

We parked the truck along the dusty highway, and piled out into the cold January air. After jumping some fences and dodging all the piles of cow manure, we made it to the water. Owen is a casting prodigy and Nathan has improved his skills so much since we last went. It was nice for the boys to wander down the banks and do their own thing while Jonathan and I helped Nora not tangle herself in line.

Despite the gloomy weather, we had a delightful afternoon casting and squealing each time someone felt a pull. We even got a laugh out of the old "limb bream" joke since our kids are newbies. It was refreshing to have a ripe audience for fish jokes. Owen was the first one to catch a fish and Nora was the last. She fished without a hook the whole time {don't tell her that}, but right before we called it a day, Jonathan handed her his pole to help Owen. Wouldn't you know it... a fish jumped on! It made her day, even if she wanted nothing to do with touching it.

Aside from a few too-big and too-little fish, we ended up with two crappies, a bass, and a random catfish in our bucket. Our fingertips and noses were starting to go a little numb, so we figured this was good enough. The kids climbed into the backseat of the truck chattering about the fun of an hour at the pond.

I love the kids being at an age where we can all go on this kind of adventure together. Sharing one of my and Jonathan's favorite pastimes with our own family made for some fun memories and a strong desire to get back out there.

Happy Monday, y'all! How was your weekend?

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