Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Home

I am from piles of laundry and forgotten toys,

from discarded school papers gleaming with praise and little pink shoes left in the hallway.
I am from the ordinary house at the end of the row, nestled in the quiet cow pastures.
From the yellow door that welcomes visitors and chickens that do the same.
I am from the sunflowers that grow tall and mighty in the back yard,
the tomato plants whose scent slices through the sticky Arkansas summer.
I am from the unchanging pine trees whose branches remain steady,
keeping constant watch over my family.

I'm from my grandmother's lake and a line of round brown eyes,
from Steve and Celia, who forged the path for my family and my future.
I'm from Catholicism and music and a love for the great outdoors.
I'm from over-thinking and over-loving,
from a competitive streak and a desire to change the world.

I'm from Don't ride your bike into the highway! and Remember to bring your brother,
and the ever-present Golden Rule.
I'm from hours spent sitting on the piano bench and more spent splashing in the pool.
I'm from Blytheville and Osceola, from the poor, huddled masses and the first Americans.
I'm from Big Macs and McNuggets,
and from homemade pizzas and chicken legs sizzling on the grill.

I'm from a woman who watched her thoughts translate to words,
long, loopy letters inked onto blank paper.
I am from home movies hidden behind cabinet doors in my mother's house,
and poetry that hangs on my daughter's wall.
I am from photographs waiting patiently in boxes,
and memories that resuscitate each time I remove their dusty lids.

I am from the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi Delta.
I am from the Gateway Arch, the Washington Monument, and the dusty plains of Oklahoma.
I am from my family, spanning one coast to the other, and centuries before us.
I am from my home, and everything that word encompasses.

Happy Wednesday, my friends. Remember your roots, they hold up your branches.
{Try your hand at this writing exercise using these prompts. Be sure to send me the link if you do!}

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