Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Music Man

For years Nathan searched for that one "thing" he can claim.

He needed a passion, a talent he can nurture forever. He tried a few different sports, and while he had a blast playing and running with his friends, it never hit a spark. Almost two years ago, however, he sat down in front of a church piano for his first teacher-led lesson. The music and art and beauty that has come from him in those two short years has been astounding. Sure, I have to beg him to practice because video games will always be more appealing, but once his fingers hit the keys, he just fits.

Of course we're talking about my firstborn, so the next sentence shouldn't come as a shock: Nathan is very good at many things. He continues to impress me with his accomplishments at school and his drawing is reaching levels I didn't think I would see at age nine. He is a creative, colorful, driven child and while I love watching all of these talents grow, above all I enjoy connecting in his music. I think it's because aside from the whole growing in my womb thing, it's the one thing we have that's for the two of us alone.

We sit side-by-side at the piano to tackle his new pieces and we talk in terms that are like secret code to the rest of the family. I have the knowledge to see talent in him beyond the admiration of a doting parent.

This weekend Nathan participated in a belated Christmas recital. Though nerves showed in his voice and his eyes, they were nowhere to be found in his hands. They slid gracefully over the keys and my smile spread out into the sanctuary as I watched this little boy captivate the audience {except his two smallest fans who sang every word...}. As a matter of fact, I have his performances to share with you:

This is only Nathan's second Christmas recital, and I am eager to see where it takes him. He won't fall in love with practicing more as song selections become more complicated, but I hope music remains a passion. He has so much talent and I am thrilled that he has found this channel of release. I fully understand that the kid is nine and his "thing" has a good chance of changing, but the music is in him.

I know Nathan grows in new directions every day, but I hope he lets me accompany him for a while. Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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