Friday, January 13, 2017

She is More

She's not just the fluff of blonde curls slicing through the breeze on the front yard swing.

She's not just the comic relief when she hits her punch line just right. She's not just the stubborn mule who'd rather stand on the back porch from dusk to dawn than take her boots off outside. She's not just a pair of twinkly blue eyes that wash away the aforementioned scenario.

She's not just a round face, short fingers, and a high-voltage smile. She's not just an Instagram filler, a patience-tester, a snack-stealer, or a three-nager.

She is more.

She is Nora, hear her roar. Of course, if you've met her in person, then you probably already have. I'll admit "three-nager" isn't my favorite made-up compound word, but it is solid fact. In my parental expertise, I can assure you that terrible twos is simply a warning of what's to come. We are deep in those trenches parents love to discuss and *ahem* I have a habit of using as writing prompts. Seasons come and go {and some we'd like to kick on the way out}, but I have to remember these "trenches" feature some remarkable people.

While Nora is known by my Facebook friends for her adorable photos and witty quips, I feel drawn to flesh her out a little more. My daughter is cute, but she is mighty.

She is loyal. Nora will stand up for anyone without condition. If Nathan or Owen are in trouble, she's the first to plead their innocence and ask us to lower our voices. She's usually right about the second part, but not always the first.

She is understanding. She will say she's sorry and mean it, even if it takes hours. If either brother gets hurt, she will hit the ground running. By the time I get there, she already has her small arms wrapped around him. She can sense when I'm down and is quick to remind me she loves me, too.

She is independent. I'd rather not go into detail, but because Nora decided to take care of business herself last weekend, this bunch is no longer a slave to Pampers. Do not ask for tips. My past experiences prove I am no potty training aficionado. This was all her.

If Nora wants to read a book, she gets one. If she wants a juice box, she grabs it. If she wants to watch a movie, she turns it on. If she wants to stand outside in the snow with no pants... well, you know that story. She's not afraid to get what she wants and won't bat an eye at the obstacles.

She is brave. Nora marches into a dark room fearlessly and drifts off to dream after her nightly zombie check. She laughs as she careens around the yard on a too-big tricycle and chases chickens as fast as she can.

In the past I have written about who I want Nora to be, and how Nora looks up to me, but today the message is different: I want to be like Nora. I want to be free and wild and unruly and courageous. I want to laugh in the face of the enemy and walk straight into the storm. I want my love to be stronger than my grudges and my willingness to help greater than my urge to turn away.

Not unlike her brothers, Nora June is one fantastic human being.
I marvel at who she is and I am in awe of who she is becoming.

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Anonymous said...

Awe! What a beauty! She sounds like a remarkable young lady!
I love hearing parents say positive things about their children! There's not enough of that in this world.
Keep up the good work mama!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you so much! <3