Friday, January 27, 2017


On this quiet Friday morning, the sun is shooting rays across my living room floor, expertly hiding the fact that it is still January.

My daughter is lounging on the couch in her pajamas, watching iPad videos. The dryer is beeping at me to get out from under this blanket and the things I need to do are playing on loop in my brain. Yet I can't. Seem. To reach. The recliner handle.

Today is a day without inspiration.

Believe me, y'all, I have tried. I not only put the laundry in the washing machine and started the load, I moved it to the dryer when it was done. What more do you want from me?

Every so often {read: frequently}, I succumb to the pressure of having so many things to do that I waste my time worrying about them, which results in none of them getting done. Can anyone relate? I'm going to assume that was a unanimous YES! just to make me feel a little better about myself.

I'm not here to detail all the things I should be doing on this, my day off with only one child in my care, and I'm not here to demand that you jump on your own list. I just want to share how I get myself moving - especially when the will is gone.

Accomplishing things on my to-do list can literally turn my day around, but the issue I have is knowing how to begin. That's why I always start small. I walk into my bedroom {which is typically the least disastrous} and I make the bed. If my bed is made, the floor is clear of shoes and empty water bottles, and the desk surface is visible, inspiration creeps in. The sunlight filtering through the curtains onto the keyboard might just invite me to sit down and start typing. It's worth a try?

Next up for me is the living room/kitchen. Starting the dishwasher is as easy as the push of a button and the noise that fills the area makes me feel like I'm doing something. I also light a candle or start diffusing oils. I have to trick all my senses into feeling accomplished. Then I go into three modes: first throw away all the trash, second pick up all the dirty clothes, third put away all the toys. Holy cow, I can see my floor!

At this point {fingers crossed} inspiration to get the rest of the house a little cleaner takes over and I do as much as I need to make myself feel better. There's usually no chance of unexpected company, but if a neater appearance can bring me back from a dreary state, so be it.

Once everything is in a better state, I'll throw open a window or two, and maybe even step outside to see if the chickens need food or water. Just a shot of Vitamin D and the purr of a fluffy hen {stop laughing} is enough to elevate my mood this time of year. I'll come back inside and if Nora is entertaining herself, I'll go for a tall glass of tea or another cup of coffee. Then I'll read.

I'll read what's going on in the news {I almost typed that with a straight face!}, catch up on my favorite blogs, check out what my friends are doing via social media, and settle in to work on my Sunday school lesson.

Ahhh, don't we all feel better now?

Err.. I guess we will once I get a grip on that dang recliner handle.

Happy Friday, friends! May your weekend be more productive than my morning and may each of you find a little inspiration in these cold, final days of January.

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Unknown said...

If I may be so bold, everyday is an inspiration and a gift many don't get to wake up to. If all you do is sit on the recliner and relax then you are lucky. :) Don't feel bad about it. You can do the household chore later.