Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Break {An Ode}

Back to life. Back to reality.

*insert Hallelujah chorus here*

Yesterday marked the final page in a rather long chapter. Today the children return back to the normal routine of regular school days and I no longer have to trail them around the house dust-busting Doritos and giving them not-always-pleasant alternatives for their constant boredom. Because Christmas and New Year's Day fell on Sundays this year, our district rewarded us by handing out the longest winter break ever. Thanks.

The kids had been home and/or at my mom's house and/or under my feet at work since they loaded up on sugar at their class parties December 20. That's right, December 20. Jonathan and I did have a delightful break when all kids and responsibilities left for two days when his parents invited them to North Little Rock. However, I was still giddy when I asked my kids if they were ready to return to the classroom. Both boys said they were eager to see friends, but not necessarily schoolwork. I'll take it. While counting down the hours yesterday, I penned a little tune:

On the last day of Winter Break, my children gave to me...

12 toys are missing.
11 Paw Patrol repeats.
10 rounds of sweeping.
9 wrestling matches.
8 loads of laundry.
7 snack requests.
6 grape juice spills.
5 sighs of "We're so booored!"
4 empty Play-Doughs.
3 whiners whining.
2 destroyed bedrooms.
and a Mom who is ready for school.

Obviously, I love my kids. I feel this disclaimer is unnecessary, but I'm leaving it in. This family of five shared plenty of fun togetherness over the break, and my kids accomplished so much! We celebrated Christmas and rang in a new year, we rode bikes and shot guns, we played in the snow and {hopefully} threw away the last of the pull-ups. This Winter Break was one to remember, but I'm looking forward to the return of normalcy.

And maybe my house being a bit cleaner.

Happy Monday, y'all! Did anyone else's kids stay out of school until today? Were you sad to see it end? Share all that wholesome parental honesty in the comments, won't you?

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