Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Because of Nora

I had been hard at the parenting game for six years by the time Nora June came into the world.

At that point, I might have even said I was becoming a bit of an expert. Heck, I had already given birth twice and managed to raise both of those children in a semi-decent manner. Everyone was fed, {mostly} happy, safe and sound. What more was there to learn? In the three and half years that followed since that pivotal July Monday, I found the answer: a LOT. While there is still much to learn when it comes to helping kids move from microscopic cell bundles to card-carrying adults, today I am sharing a few pieces of knowledge that I hold because of my daughter. There's a good chance this is part one in a three-part series, so stay tuned.

Because of Nora, I know...
  • Every single word to every single song in Moana. Yes, I know it's not even out on DVD yet.
  • Exactly how much sweet tea it takes to fill a three-year-old to capacity.
  • The names of the characters on a mind-numbing YouTube cartoon called Oddbods.
  • The subtle differences among all the shades of pink.
  • That bows without fabric over the metal clip better.
  • That curly hair should be wet and brushed before washing and exactly what speed SLOOOW brushing is.
  • That the best lunch at day care is a sandwich that not only has meat and bread, but also cheese!
  • That I could carry a 50-pound sack of potatoes up my long driveway if the situation were to arise.
  • That a pair of pink Crocs and a pair of sparkly pink Crocs are equally necessary.
  • On that note: that sparkly is a color.
  • That Paw Patrol is on for a three-hour block each weekday morning, then repeats again on the western Nick Jr.
  • That early-morning snuggles with a willing participant are the best kind.
  • That Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora.
  • That stepping on a Shopkin hurts the same as stepping on a Lego.

Happy Tuesday, my friends. Be good to each other and watch out for those Shopkins!

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