Monday, February 6, 2017

Nathan's New Look

After failing a school eye exam, Nathan was sent home with the dreaded letter...

Fighting back the fear as he climbed into my car, he let me know there was a piece of paper from the school nurse in his backpack. He explained how he struggled to see the board in math now that he sits a few rows back. Even worse, he admitted he couldn't read the smaller print on his Star Wars video game. Nathan's nerves were on high alert, but he knew what had to be done.

Jonathan explained the process of an optometrist visit the night before Nathan's appointment, and his focus shifted to shopping for the perfect pair of specs. The next day, he was given a prescription of -1.00 in one eye and a -1.50 in the other. After trying on several options, the excellent salesperson helped him narrow it down to a cool pair of black frames with yellow detail.

He left the office happy and hopeful and things got even better when we picked the glasses up two days later. This is where I need to admit something: I was filled with anxiety when we got the phone call that his glasses were ready. I didn't want my son to feel self-conscious. I didn't want my son to be scared to face his peers in school. I didn't want my son to get a new label accompanied by a barrage of unpleasant associations. I was pretty scared of this adjustment.

You'd think I would learn by now that Nathan has a way of proving me absolutely wrong.

He looks so handsome in his glasses and he loves them. When he first slipped them on, he was floored by how "crisp and clear!" the world around him looks. He was reading road signs and taking selfies, y'all.

On Day One of going to school with glasses, he said he spent the whole day thanking his classmates and teachers for their compliments on his new look. No one made fun of him {okay, besides Owen} and he no longer strained during long division. Sure, I keep having to remind him to put them on, but he doesn't mind it when I do. Nathan is still getting used to them, but I am so proud of how well he's handling it.

You thought this post was over? Oh no, there's more eye-related news that involves another member of my family.

On the exact day Nathan went to pick up his glasses, Jonathan had cataract surgery that resulted in him no longer having to wear his glasses. It was an odd exchange, and one Nora took a few days to get used to:

If you'll recall, there was a traumatic episode in November 2015 that ended in my husband having emergency surgery to reattach his retina. {Click here if you don't remember.} We were told that procedure would likely result in a need for cataract surgery. However, this step would take the prescription in his right eye from -11.00 to perfect.

This decision was a no-brainer because it meant trading in his thick glasses for a single left-eye contact, but it's still nerve-wracking to think about laser beams in your eyeball. However, he made it through with flying colors {I lost a few points when I almost passed out during IV placement... I know.} When the 20 minutes of surgery were up, I was summoned back to the post-op room and Jonathan blinked in amazement when he saw me. Obviously, I assumed he was seeing my full beauty with his right eye for the first time in his life. Nope.

"Whoa! I can see the wrinkles on your forehead now!"

He tried to blame it on the anesthesia, but the nurse was quick to point out he didn't have any. Like Nathan, Jonathan spent the car ride home amazed at the focus of the world around him. In the days since surgery, his vision is starting to clear up and he's doing great.

I hope y'all had a lovely weekend. We decided that the Kitten Bowl was cuter than the Puppy Bowl and NFL overtime rules are unfair. Happy Monday!

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