Friday, February 10, 2017

What We Love

Ahhh, February. Love is in the air {and on every aisle at Wal-Mart}.

As we edge closer to one of my favorite holidays, I thought today called for an extra dose of mush. I'm sure all the parents out there will spend their weekend carefully etching out the class list names onto Star Wars and Batman cards, but why don't you take a break now and let us do some sharing? Today's post is all about what my kids love. I asked them for the things, people, and places they love, and below are their answers. You'll quickly learn that my kids are definitely related to me.

Beneath each section, I also added a description of what I love about each of them. 'Tis the season for mushy mom stuff, right? And you know what, I love you, too! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope your weekend is full of romance, excitement, or at least something decadent/chocolate.


Three Things: "My iPad, my desk because I can draw and read there, and the piano because I love making music."
Three People: "My mom because she's very nice, my dad because he likes to play with me, and my brother because he's fun to play with and he's funny."
Three Places: "Chick-fil-A {the kid knows what's up}, my Nana's house, and my Grammy and Poppy's house."

Mom's Take: I love Nathan because he's unashamedly himself. He's intelligent, crazy creative, oozing with talent, and learning more each day that he should be proud to let that shine. While he marches to his own beat, I love that Nathan is also in tune with the feelings and needs of others. I love that he makes sure to tell me goodbye every morning, and that he happily explains entire book plots to me after school. I love the way his whole face smiles when something cracks him up, and I love that he's always willing to help. Even if it means standing outside the bathroom door while Nora pees.


Three Things: "I love dinosaurs and candy and Trix. But all the flavors taste the same."
Three People: "My friends at school, Mommy because she's nice, and Daddy because he has good snuggles and because he's nice, too."
Three Places: "School because it's fun, Nana's, and Cracker Barrel because you get toys when you're done."

Mom's Take: I love Owen because he tries so hard. Many kids shy away from a challenge, or take time to heal after failing repeatedly, but I love that Owen will always get back in the saddle {still a figure of speech at this point}. He kept trying until he learned to ride a bike, say his "r" sound, throw a baseball perfectly, and remember all 24 sight words. He refuses to give up. I love that Owen includes his sister on all his adventures, even though I can tell he likes her. I love Owen's quick wit and the way I can still find my baby boy in his chocolate eyes. I love his silly voices, his extra-long hugs, and his wild imagination.


Three Things: "Vegetables because I like them to grow. Fruits because they're yummy. Bananas because they're yellow."
Three People: "My friends and Mrs. Keri because I love them and I love Mommy, too, because she always holds me and puts me on the swing."
Three Places: "McDonald's and Sonic and Sucker House {nickname for a Mexican place} because I can put fries in beans."

Mom's Take: I love Nora because she is a bright light in a dark world. Just watching Nora and her bouncing tangle of curls rush into a room is enough to turn my day around {and probably yours, too}. She skips everywhere she goes, she sings her requests for more juice, and she still kisses me on the lips. I love that Nora does things her own way, even if it means batting left-handed with a princess wand while wearing a crown and matching necklace. I love her "Good night, love you, too!" shouted from behind her bedroom door, and the way she talks with both arms. I love the freedom in her spirit and the expression in her eyes.

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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