Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dear March

New month, new me?

Maybe I don't have the bar set that high for March, but the calendar flipped just in time for Ash Wednesday and for me, that brings a sense of rejuvenation. While I don't have my Lenten plans exactly lined out just yet, I always look forward to the renewal of faith that comes with it.

I love that Lent goes beyond giving up Cokes, Facebook, and other things we're better off without. There's also a heavy focus on doing more. I want to pray more and give more. I want to remember to help those who need it most, especially when it doesn't affect me personally. I want to focus on the steps Jesus took during His final 40 days as one of us.

March is a month that sees renewal all over. Green stalks break through the dormant ground, seeds are plunked into soil with the hope of fresh life bursting within them, calves {and baby giraffes... eventually} are born to mothers waiting in the fields. It's a beautiful thing, y'all. Lent is not just a countdown to Easter, just as March is more than a countdown to spring. We have to spend these 40 days {or 20 days} preparing for the joy that comes in the morning. Just as the bitter winter is necessary to bring the vibrant spring, the cross was a step toward new life. We mourn the dark times, but we celebrate their meaning.

Even though I'm looking at March as an opportunity to make all things new, there are plenty of other things I'm looking forward to this month, as well. My middle child will turn six years old {yes, Owen will soon utilize two hands} a week from Friday. We're in party planning mode and hopefully we'll get a whole gang of his buddies to show up at the soccer fields and kick the ball around with him in honor of his big day.

One of my favorite youth ministry events is sneaking up on us, as well. Throughout the season of Lent, Catholics remind themselves of Christ's final days with the Stations of the Cross. Our group gets one Friday a year to present these stations to the parish, and they have a wonderful script that relates Christ's struggles to our own. While it's the same words every year, they still hit me the same each time.

I do solemnly swear to wait patiently this season, but I am ready for spring. I am ready to smell sweet honeysuckle, take my kids seed shopping, and watch as Arkansas brown fades away and a brilliant green takes its place.

The buds are forming on the trees and everything is place for the grand rebirth we await in March. I am ready.

Happy March, friends. What are you looking forward to this month?

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