Monday, March 13, 2017

One *Cool* Party

{Note pink cheeks and arctic blast protection for the cake.}

I don't think southwest Arkansas broke any weather records this weekend, but our bar has been set with regard to birthday parties.

March is always a toss-up when it comes to outdoor activities. In the past we've invited Owen's buddies to the house and last year we just stuck to the local pizza place for dino cake and air hockey. This year, however, Owen chose the park. Soccer is high on my son's radar at this point in his life and he wanted a soccer party with a soccer cake at the soccer park. Knowing it could be sweltering shorts weather or a rainy, stormy mess, I went for it.

What's the worst that could happen? A bunch of muddy boys could play soccer in the rain? They'd love it!

The invitations went out and we counted down the days. We watched daily as the forecast numbers dropped. When Saturday arrived, we piled every fuzzy blanket we could find into the car, covered the family in various layers of sweaters and winter coats, and froze our buns off at the soccer party.

Car after car drove down the gravel path and moms and dads entered the wintry air. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I firmly believe we live in an area that should not *feel like 37* in March. Still, we persevered. As the grownups sat sheltered beneath the pavilion and tossed around ideas of starting a bonfire in the grill, the kids remained unaware.

Our soccer complex is surrounded by a playground and a skate park and the kids had free reign of the whole place. Immediately they realized skate ramps were basically metal slides that 8 people could fit on at once, so that happened for a while. Up they ran, and down they slid:

That little Eskimo had a blast trailing her brothers and all the big kids who came out to play with her in the frozen tundra. In fact, they all had a great time! Sure, keeping the candles lit in the wintry blast was complicated, but we had zero need to bring a cooler for the drinks and the veggie tray stayed nice and crisp. Owen said his favorite parts of his party were the amazing soccer cake from The Picket Fence in Hope, running up and down all the skate ramps {obviously}, and getting to ride his new bike and scooter with a trail of pals running behind him. It's also not every day that you get to smack a soccer ball with a baseball bat, so that was also a highlight.

As you can see in the photos above, the flushed faces and frozen fingers were no match for six-year-old fun. I am so glad the rain held off for the birthday boy and all of his friends' parents were brave enough to party with us. Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated! Owen had a very happy birthday and though he's probably a bit warmer now than he was on Saturday, he's still riding the high of a great time.

PS: I bet you $5 it'll be 95 degrees next year. ;)

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Rhonda said...

Birthday parties at parks are fun; I think kids are resilient with unseasonal weather as long as they're not strangers to lots of outdoor play. And that cake! What a fun-looking party.