Monday, March 20, 2017

Saturday in the Jonquils

{Owen Bauer: all of us at this year's Jonquil Festival.}

The jonquils were a bit droopy and so were we, but that didn't stop this bunch.

It's a documented fact that March should come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but I was unaware that the frigid winter lows and sweltering summer highs were stuck in the middle. Last weekend I told you about freezing at Owen's party, and today I'm talking about sweating at the Jonquil Festival. This craft-and-corndog-filled weekend is held at Historic Washington State Park and it gets top billing on our festival circuit. Sure, we could have spent the money we dropped on a swanky date night, but sometimes nothing hits the spot like a $10 hunk of meat on a stick. The kids had cash and they were hungry:

The sunny skies and warm air brought a crowd to our corner of the state this year. We started by weaving in and out of the first line of booths and it wasn't long until we had a stuffed puppy, a beautiful hydrangea arrangement, and a couple of yo-yos to haul around. We were quickly sidetracked by the smell of fried things. We scarfed down our hand-dipped, on-a-stick fare, then let Owen lead the way to our next activity. All three kids climbed up the towering bouncy slide and shot back down for their allotted three turns. At that point, things were getting sweaty. I was regretting wearing jeans and Nora was regretting leaving her lemonade in the shade with her Grammy.

Once we bounced back from the most physical part of the day, we rallied as the noon sun shined overhead. We passed by the baked goods, jewelry, and various lotions and soaps, but our crew halted when Nora spotted a sword with a pink handle. She added this weapon {plus a pink halo crown} to her collection and transformed from Nora to the Princess Knight. As far as I know, Nora has still not returned at the time of my writing.

While the Jonquil Festival is typically the figurative start to spring for me, it happened to be the literal one this year. When I woke up this morning, I threw the covers off and greeted the new season! My favorite time of year is here, and those jonquil blossoms are just the beginning of a gorgeous season. Garden plans are rolling through my head and I have a list of back yard chores a mile long.

It's spring, y'all. Let's get to it! How did you spend this summery/springy/not-so-wintry weekend?

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annelizabethrobertson said...

So I am hungry and hot now, but I had the pleasure of journeying with you to the Jonquil Festival. In spite of everything, it looks like you had a great time and added more memories to your children's being. You are in such a crazy busy time, but I love that you know its depth of richness and blessings. Wonderful post. (I now have to find a place that serves a huge hunk of fried chicken!)