Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break Pictorial

This bunch didn't mess around when it came to making the most out of Spring Break 2017.

Although only four-fifths of our bunch got much-needed time off {I'm not bitter}, we all enjoyed our week. My kids spent most of their days outside, either on or beside water. We also played host to Jonathan's cousin and her family, who pitched a tent in our backyard. My kids loved having their cousins with them, and it didn't hurt that their dad is a professional chef. Our fish fry was accompanied by some pretty fine homemade hush puppies. Instead of a feeble attempt to spin Spring Break tales I didn't actually witness, today's post will be a pictorial. Following are a collection of photos from my phone, some from Jonathan's phone, and some professionally shot by Owen. See if you can tell the difference. We fished. We slept. We ate. We laughed. Take a peek at the Bauer Bunch Spring Break 2017:

As you can clearly see, Spring Break was done right down south this year. We caught our dinner and soaked in the springtime sunshine. It was just a taste of what's to come this season {along with a pretty big taste of local pollen}. Jonathan fired up the tiller last night and turned our overgrown garden patch into a rich brown square, just waiting to grow whatever we please. This spring is full of promise, and I'm ready to make good on it.

How was your break? Were your kids just as ready to get back to school? Do they also know exactly how many days are on the summer break countdown? Have a great Monday, friends. See you soon!

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Jessica Rush said...

Awe, what sweet memories for y'all! Looks like it was a fun Spring Break! And the food looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for reading, Jessica! It was a great Spring Break and I'm already missing our time on the water. Ready to get back out there!