Friday, April 14, 2017

Coach Dad

It wasn't our winning-est little league soccer season, but it sure was fun to watch.

Jonathan made his coaching debut when the city park was looking for someone to help in Owen's age group. Obviously, he was quick to step up to the plate {or... goal in this case}. Owen and five other kids made for one rag-tag red team that never gave up. With many players new to soccer, Jonathan worked on the basics: which goal is the right goal and "stop touching the ball!" Despite the fact that the season is about to close without a win, they've had a blast.

One of the highlights of this team was a little four-year-old girl, smaller than Nora with a sweet-as-honey personality. She immediately took to Jonathan, holding his hand during practice and reminding him she was on his team. I've watched this guy be a father for almost ten years now, but my heart melted every time he knelt down to to tie a tiny cleat and doubled over for mini high-fives.

Although Owen doesn't have any Ws to tack onto last season, his playing improved. He scored a goal in almost every game, and he was more eager for the action. All the field time that comes with a six-kid team wore him out, but a quick drink and pep talk from Coach Dad got him back in the game. He ran harder, deflected opposing points, and worked on assists. It was fun to watch him grow as a player, and still have fun when he was losing.

There are all sorts of lessons learned in little league sports {or dance or music...} and losing is a big one. Owen saw that even though it's kind of disheartening to lose game after game, you still have to pull on your shin guards and show up. And they all did, with big smiles and semi-concentration.

Next on the agenda is an assistant coaching gig in an area where Jonathan has actual experience. Once the soccer tournament ends, t-ball/baseball starts and my husband is already trying to figure out how to pitch to someone who stands at three-and-a-half feet. This will be a new adventure for Owen {but not for us} and I'm excited to see which sport ends up being his favorite. Even more, I am pumped to watch Jonathan in action again. He's a fantastic father and I think it's pretty cool he's spreading it out to some of the other little sports fans in our town.

Happy Friday, friends. Have a lovely Easter weekend!

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