Monday, April 3, 2017

Dear April

The month of April is off to an exhilarating start around here.

My first order of business on a gorgeous Saturday morning was making Owen cry when I told him the muffins he wanted had strawberries {to which he is allergic}. After I quickly called April Fool's to the situation, it was on. I panicked when he told me two chickens were fighting and one was dead. I rolled my eyes when he said there was a coyote in the back yard, but still double checked. I fell for it when he told me there was something on my shirt.

Exhilarating, indeed.

Now that the first of April is another year away, we can focus on the remaining 29 days of beautiful springtime. April definitely ranks in my top five months, and a lot of that has to do with the sights and sounds and smells of spring. We'll go shopping for tomatoes and peppers later this month and start sketching where to plant the bounty of seeds burning a hole on my dresser. I think winter is finally over {knock on wood}, so I can't wait to see what lies ahead. Here are a few specific things I'm hoping April brings...

The Walk: This Saturday, April 8, is the annual Walk to Defeat ALS in Little Rock. The bunch and I will don our bright blue shirts and take a mile to make a difference in memory of Poppy. Want to walk with us? Want to virtually join our team? Want to donate to fund research that may finally cure this horrible disease? You can do all those things by clicking here.

Earth Day: Earth Day used to be my official garden planting date, but past experience has bumped that exciting day to early May. I now see April 22 as a reminder to run my hands through the grass, dig my fingertips into the dirt, and literally stop to smell the flowers. It's also a great time to start preparing a new kitchen garden. I wrote a how-to post last year. Click here to get growing!

Date Night: I have my fingers crossed big time for this one. While our schedules have been packed lately, my husband assures me we'll make time to be alone at some point this month. The above mentioned April Fool's Day scenario should indicate this bullet point's necessity.

Fresh Air: It's time to play outside! It's time to jump on the trampoline until the mosquitoes start buzzing and make use of the piles of bubbles and chalk that wait in the carport. Let's get dirty, sweaty, and leave rings in the bathtub. Let your lungs get a big dose of spring air this month.

Fresh Eggs: And let your bodies get a big dose of fresh eggs while you're at it. The girls have been cranking 'em out in recent weeks and we're averaging more than a dozen every two days. This trend should continue until the scorching summer temps arrive, so if you need any eggs between now and then, I'm your girl.
What are wildest hopes and dreams for April 2017?

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Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I love all your plans and dreams! Happy April!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, dear! Happy April to you, too. :)