Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Life

Ring pops for breakfast and Peeps for lunch. Living that Easter life, y'all.

We had a weary start to our Easter Sunday. We stayed up a little later the night before to once again convince Owen that the Easter Bunny would not actually enter our home. Whatever helped him get to sleep, honestly. He warmed up to the big bunny when he woke up to find marshmallow treats and matchbox cars.

The kids were well-behaved through Mass, and loved all the joyful white decor and the Alleluia that rang through the sanctuary. Obviously, they deserved a post-church donut. Once we made it back to my parents' house, family poured in and Easter festivities began.

We spent the day before working hard to craft the perfect Easter egg. Some of the eggs sat in their cups too long and the bottoms turned a different shade. Many eggs were cracked down the sides from the work of small hands, revealing delicate veins that looked intentional. We even busted out the shaving cream and glitter and food coloring and paint. While this year's eggs weren't the uniform pinks and greens and yellows on the front of the egg dye kit, they were perfect. It was within these mistakes and accidental designs that we came up with one fantastic collection. Each one is different, but each was crafted on a table in a house filled with love.

Imperfection can be pretty perfect to me.

One of the best parts of the day was when our hodgepodge collection of family members, including all the grandmas and one aunt from Montana, formed a line of chairs in the driveway. The spring breeze carried the familiar knock-you-over scent of honeysuckle and we watched the kids zoom in and out of view on their bicycles. Any reason is good enough for this bunch to get out and enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon, but Easter is the tops.

We celebrated the eggs for their flaws and not in spite of them, and Jesus celebrated us just the same. Even though each of us is marred with imperfection, He died so we can live. The image of sinless perfection and divine nature chose to live the most excruciating aspects of humanity because he loves us. Love won. Death no longer owns us.

I'd say that deserves one loud Alleluia! Rejoice, my friends, for we are free. Living that Easter life, indeed.

Happy Easter, from us to y'all!

{Also: Alleluia! We all looked!}

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The Gifted Gabber said...

Well, Alleluia, indeed! It sounds like a perfect and memorable Easter to me! (And your last caption made me snicker!)

Jessica Bauer said...

Ha! Me too - it's a rare thing these days. ;)

Unknown said...

You always have the cutest ideas for your kiddos:)