Friday, April 7, 2017

Good Morning Girl

There's a big world out there, and somebody's gotta play in it.

After the boys were off to school and work, I soaked in today's perfect spring morning. I don't go to the office on Fridays and I like to savor any slant of silence that comes my way. I ate breakfast, walked to the chicken coop, threw in a load of laundry, but mostly watched TV. It was a good time. Then at about 10:00 AM, Sleeping Beauty woke up and requested my presence. I brushed a nest of curls from her forehead and asked what she wanted to do today.

"I want to eat a muffin and play outside."

Easy enough. We baked and ate, then Nora tapped her pretend watch and proclaimed it time to go outside. From drawing chalk flowers and tomatoes and chickens to lying on the trampoline and watching the real hens chase each other, we made the most of our Friday mid-morning. {It also doesn't hurt that at about lunchtime she proclaimed it time for a juice box and iPad.}

She upped her swing push request from five to sixty and repeatedly assured me "five more" slides, but I treasure these easy days. I sang this tune with Nathan, then I wallowed in this tune with Baby Owen, and here we are on the homestretch with Nora June. In less than two months the boys will be out of school and our all-girl Fridays will be no more. In the fall Nora will start preschool {!!!} and move to a normal full-week schedule. She will love being in a new and exciting environment, and I will love real, live, unadulterated alone time, but I'll miss her.

I'll miss tuning my full focus to her sentences that run on and on. I'll miss watching her pedal face-first into a bush, then get up and dust herself off. I'll miss her sitting beneath the giant Japanese maple, telling me she feels so small.

As usual, the summer will bring with it a much louder and busier house, but the fall will bring a level of quiet I haven't heard in a decade. Maybe it won't be so bad...

Happy Friday, y'all. The weather is gorgeous, go see for yourself!

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