Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prom Season

Nora was mulling over prom dress ideas during Monday night dinner {yes, she's still three}.

While she understands that a solid 13 years or so is enough time to decide on a style, she's already set on light pink, big, and fluffy. I don't know if that will stick once she makes it to high school, but for now it's fun living vicariously through my youth group kids. The dress styles have changed since the turn of the century and I don't recall a single "promposal" in my day, but the nervous excitement is still the same...

Picture it. Hope. April 2002. It was both Good Friday and Senior Prom. My dress was purchased, pressed, and ready. I skipped over browsing the be-dazzled pageant dresses and chose this bridesmaid style. I'm not sure why, but it was a beautiful lavender gown with a full petticoat and I was sold. I also opted for matching elbow-length gloves and those odd plastic/silver prom shoes that made your feet sweat. I think I also had a very tiny purse because why not?

I'm not sure baby's breath is still a staple for prom up-dos, but I wasn't the only one sporting it in that gym. This was my first time to wear acrylic nails {beneath gloves?} and the first time my full eyebrows were waxed into that coveted thin line. I even had my makeup applied at the beauty salon and the frosty purple eye shadow was on point.

Once my look was complete, a handful of friends met my house, accompanied by every parent in a 20-mile radius. There was no hired photographer capturing the moment as we leaned against dilapidated buildings or stood in fields of dandelions. Just dozens of 35mm cameras firing as we scanned each one and tried to make eye contact. Once our smiles were as stretched as possible, we jumped into the limo for an evening of fine dining.

At the Red Lobster.

When we finally piled into the school parking lot, nerves crept in. What will everyone think of my dress? Will my feet start to hurt? Do I remember how to do the butterfly? There is zero evidence of this prom online, but I vividly remember dancing the night away. I was awkwardly spun to the sounds of Lonestar, Train, and K-Ci and JoJo. I'm sure I failed to dance like Beyonce, but knew just how many times to stomp during the Cha-Cha Slide.

Our post-prom party was lit, too. Don't tell Nathan I said that. A tired crowd returned to my parents' house where we watched movies, ate snacks, played pool, and giggled until daylight. The best pictures from this particular part of the night involve all of us with full-glam faces wearing pajama pants. Classic.

While the memories are fuzzy at this point {and I'm still blocking out the part where my mom showed up at the prom to sneak pictures}, I love these memories. I still enjoy going out to eat this time of year, hoping to catch a glimpse of giddy kids in sparkly dresses and fancy tuxedos.

Now, I posted a picture of myself with purple elbow-length gloves. The least you could do is share your favorite prom memory with me. Let's chat in the comments! Have a great Wednesday, y'all, and to those counting down to this weekend's big event: Be safe, let loose, and watch out for moms in the shadows with cameras.

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