Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Their Faces

I snapped the photo above yesterday afternoon at the request of my sister-in-law.

She painted these pieces for me several years ago, and may or may not be working on another set for someone else. She wanted a reminder of them, so I happily obliged. Once I shared it with her, I returned them to my bedroom wall. I didn't think anything of it until this morning when I was scrolling through my phone photos and these three images caught my eye. Though they may look like black and white blobs to the unknowing eye, these are paintings of my kids. The first one to the left was done about ten years ago, when the ultrasound technician first caught an image of Nathan that looked more like baby than gummy bear. Bridget decided to portray the light and dark areas on canvas, and she handed me Nathan's first portrait before he ever made it to my arms.

She continued the tradition and added the other two pieces as we waited for Owen {top} and Nora {bottom} to arrive. I see so much in that black paint and blank space. There's a pointy chin, round eyes, and the ton-of-bricks reality that I was someone's mom. It was a jumble of blurry angles, but it captured our first look. In these faces were our new world.

These days their faces are bit clearer.

I didn't know those images hid a mess of blonde curls, deep brown eyes that find beauty in everything, or a talented artist's hands. The ultrasounds showed ten fingers and ten toes, but they didn't give me the whole picture. It was a sneak peek that fueled my prayer to deliver safe and sound and do a decent job as a mother.

When I look at them today {or point an iPhone at them... sorry, kids}, I still see hope. While I know the soft details of their cheeks and the striking color of their eyes, there's more to discover. I don't know what they'll look like, where they'll go, or who they'll become, but their faces still spark the prayer that I help deliver them there safely.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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