Monday, May 15, 2017

Celebrating Mama

{Takes a mother's love for those three, am I right??}

My Mother's Day began with 400 teens screaming praise music, and ended with just my three... negotiating an exit from the pool.

Not sure which wore me out more, but what a fine way to revel in my motherhood.

The annual Catholic State Convention for our youth group is typically held the second weekend in May, and although I have to spend half of my day of honor away from my kids, I really do enjoy it. Honest. It's been a joy to spend it with the kids I didn't birth, but still claim.

Once we made it back to my parents' house for Mother's Day festivities, I was rewarded for doing the one job I always prayed I'd get to do. Owen and Nora gave me herbs in pots they colored, and Nathan handed me a perfectly decorated mug full of Dove chocolate. I also got the treat of reading the infamous kindergarten "My Mommy is..." interview.

I giggled when Owen said I weigh 50 pounds and nodded in agreement when he said my favorite color was "all of the colors," but I spit my tea when I saw he told his teacher that "Move That Body" was my favorite song. For some reason Owen is heavily into early '90s jock jams and "Move This" by Technotronic tops the list. We can't help but dance like maniacs the entire time it plays. Yes, he nailed that question.

I enjoyed my day of traveling home with tired teens then chasing my not-so-tired kids, but I kept thinking about others I know who celebrated this weekend. I know moms who had babies on their hips yesterday, with cheesy grins from finally being counted among the many. I know moms who have held the title for decades, including one who smiled just as big when opening a card from her thirty-year-old son. I also know moms whose hearts break on this particular day. As flowers and personalized gifts flow on Facebook, they grieve for the children they barely got to know.

Moms are amazing creatures, and children both here and in heaven know that. I know we don't do it for the potted plants and funny questionnaires. We all, every single one of us, do it for the love. The love between me and my kids is unlike anything else I have ever felt, and even though I do have one child already waiting for me, I feel that love, too. I feel it coursing through my veins every day.

While Mother's Day has never been my favorite horn-tooting holiday, I do acknowledge the fact that being a mother is hard, dirty work. Being the mother to a child who left before you is probably one of the hardest things any woman ever has to do. To all in that boat: I am so sorry for your loss; however, you are one unbelievably strong mother.

And to every single mom out there: Happy {day after} Mother's Day!

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