Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear May

You can't tell by the swamp in the yard and the jackets near the door, but planting season is here!

You may get tired of me declaring each spring month my favorite {just kidding, I know you could never tire of me}, but May brings 31 stellar days. Whenever the garden returns from its pond-like state, we'll start getting things in the ground. There are only three weeks left of school, and my youth group calendar is dwindling. The freedom of summertime is knocking on my door, and while I have to pull on my rain boots to answer it, I'm ready.

Monday kicked off a few days solo while Jonathan was gone on business, and we all made it! We even went to Owen's ballgame, where he gave an outstanding first performance from the pitcher's mound. More on that later, though. Today I want to share a few of my hopes for May. I want to make it a great one.

  1. Favorite Thing: Due to the current situation outside, I'll to refrain from saying "sunshine on my shoulders." Let's go with "scents of springtime." This delightfully stormy season has carried the bright smell of honeysuckle to every corner of our property. I love it.

  2. Planning: Fifty points to whomever guessed my garden. This weekend the family has a date at the local nursery for tomatoes and peppers and herbs, oh my! Last year I think we planted 15 tomato plants. We can do better.

  3. Eating: I want to step up my farmer's market shopping this year. All three markets in my area started their season last week, and I want to supplement what's not growing at my house with what's growing at someone else's. For early May, that means replacing all the strawberries my rude chickens have been stealing.

  4. Drinking: Tequila. Every time I do this monthly questionnaire I answer this with alcohol. Still, my mother-in-law fancies herself a margarita expert, and she ain't wrong. She recently discovered Don Julio and May 5 seems like the perfect time to empty the bottle a little. ¡Olé!

  5. Wearing: We've yet to require a steady summer wardrobe, so I'm going with makeup. I have been loving the new Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick from Tarte. I just have the color Island Life right now, but I'd like to up my collection. Every shade gives off the perfect vacation vibe.

  6. Listening to: Low-rumbling thunder, buzzing bees, wind chimes singing in the humid breeze, and the sound of my kids not playing in the house.

  7. Enjoying: My husband! Although May's calendar is already crammed full, much of that time will be spent right beside Jonathan and I will enjoy every second. It's been a lonely four days, y'all.

  8. Current Project: A fourth-grade volcano. It's due May 18 and Nathan has molten lava papier-mâché dreams. Thankfully his Dad returns home today and they can get cracking. If it were up to me, we'd go the cardboard, Mentos, and Diet Coke route... You can probably check back later this month for an update.

  9. Hoping for: Dry weather. For the past two years I have planted my summer garden straight into mud. It's not looking good right now, but if I can get a week of sunny weather, that garden of mine just may dry out. Work with me here, Mother Nature!

  10. Doing: Getting dirty. My fingernails will soon sport a springtime manicure, and the knees of my jeans will be brown. It's hard work, but it's my favorite kind of work. This year I intend to get a good dose of backyard therapy. Those sunflowers and cucumbers are pretty good listeners.

What are you looking forward to most this May? {... you know, once the sun returns.}

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Dorothy Johnson said...

I love spring scent & tomatoes too. My hands also bear evidence of working in the earth--flowers not veggies>

Jessica Bauer said...

It's the best-smelling time of year, Dorothy! :)