Monday, May 29, 2017

Into the Wild

All week Nora anxiously awaited her first venture into the jungle.

Her main concerns were vicious alligators, sharp-toothed lions, and towering elephants wandering throughout, ready to attack at any moment. However, she assured me she would risk life and limb and scary animals in order to meet a penguin. I reminded her daily that we were not planning to traverse the wild, just the Little Rock Zoo. Yes, all of the animals are behind glass and bars and unable to eat you. No, you probably won't get to take one of the cute ones home.

Both boys finished their school year with flying colors, and while they enjoyed their time in the classroom {okay, maybe Owen would say the lunch room}, they needed a break. We used their first summer Saturday to ride the zoo train and sweat profusely.

The boys had such fun jumping from exhibit to exhibit. Nathan told me the place was overwhelming, because when a sign for one animal caught his eye, he was distracted by another... and another and another! Highlights included watching two of the maned wolves fight and growl {it looked like an average day at my house} and seeing an elephant cool itself down.

This was Nora's first non-baby zoo experience and I was thrilled for her. While she was impressed by her beloved penguins and enjoyed chatting with many animals {especially every small monkey}, she had a definite answer when I asked for her favorite. She told me the best thing about the zoo was the slide. I pressed for more, and reminded her we had a slide at home. I asked her to name something we don't have at home. Her answer? The mini corn dogs. She's right, we do not have those at home. Nathan finally piped in to help. "No, Nora, what was your favorite animal you saw at the zoo?"

She thought for a few seconds, then the answer registered on her face... "THE DUCK!"

It was the duck. This duck:

Even though Nora did enjoy seeing animals from different parts of the world, I think the amenities won her over. If it wasn't the incredible playgrounds that were {much to my chagrin} at every corner, it was the cut-outs behind which Nora needed to pose. I'm not sure we hit every one of them, but the following collage does not feature my full gallery:

{I can't look at bottom center without cracking up.}

We had a fantastic Saturday and it served as the perfect start to summer... especially when Nora realized how much entertainment the jungle wilderness has to offer.

How did you start your summer break? Were animals involved? What about slides? Let me know down below!

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