Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Racking Up Awards

{And you thought Monday's post was full of gushy proud mom stuff...}

After the elementary principal read a prestigious letter from the 45th president of the United States, he began to call up students to receive medals for outstanding performance.

I steadied my hand on my phone, trying not to look too eager, but I was certain Bauer was near the top. As the name Jonathan and I chose a decade ago was announced to the room, I watched my bespectacled kid walk calmly to the podium, careful to keep his smile from rising too far.

Fourth grade here is the first that features an awards assembly, so Jonathan and I had front row seats. The medal Nathan received was for being one of the few in his grade to make all As for the year. His dad hopped up to snap a picture of him, then we settled in for the remainder of the program.

Once the principal finished his list, the keyboarding teacher took the stage. The first name called was Nathan's. He told me he was a fast typer, but I didn't know he stayed on the leader board. He didn't even make it back to his seat when "Nathaniel Bauer" rang into the microphone again, this time from his music teacher. His grin widened as he changed direction and I caught the eye of a teacher who probably noticed the incredulous look on my face. If you read my post on Monday, you know Nathan has musical ability, but his piano teacher and family aren't the only ones to notice.

When Nathan's classroom teachers announced winners, he went up for honors in both social studies and math. When it was over, he had a stack of five certificates. We were gathering his winnings when the principal stopped by. He looked at the awards in front of Nathan and congratulated him and pointed out that he now knows where the bar is set.

As we walked out of the school, I remembered that afternoon would be his last pick-up until fifth grade. The school year is over, and it ended with a bang.

On my Time Hop app today there's a photo from ten years ago. It's Nathan's 4D ultrasound I proudly shared with Facebook. I have a son! With a face! Just a tiny face with features we could barely pick out, but full of potential. This morning my heart swelled {just like the lump in my throat} when I saw just how that potential is being realized. Nathan works so hard at school. I am happy that he's able to see the results of his efforts.

He is a dedicated student, an incredible person, and one amazing son.

Happy Hump Day, y'all. Cheers to summer break!

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