Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Vibes

Well, we let the kids get all the way in the pool.

We {read: Jonathan} spent most of Saturday prepping our garden for summer planting. We added what was supposed to be a few more feet to it this year, and ended up with more than 1,000 square feet total. Yes, this is bigger than any apartment we've ever lived in. Yes, I may be in over my head. You'll have to stay tuned for that story, though. Because Saturday was spent in dirty manual labor, Sunday was kicked back poolside.

My bunch squirmed through church Sunday morning, eager to get to their grandparents' house to test whether the water was cannonball worthy. I'm not sure I even finished saying "Go ahead, Owen," before water splashed onto the sidewalk and his body shot beneath the surface. He's working on remembering his swim lessons, but his jump skills are still there.

Nathan zipped around the pool like a pro, and Nora was fearless. She did so well dunking her head and kicking her legs as hard as possible, that I texted our swim teacher to reserve this three-year-old her first week of lessons. I know it was a workout, but my dad sure seemed to enjoy tossing her up "again" and "again!" and "AGAIN!" Nora napped hard once we all parted ways, and it's a safe bet Grampa did, too.

Once we convinced the kids to exit the pool for dry towels and Popsicles, Nora kept asking, "So is it summertime now??" I told her there's still a while until the official start of summer, but Sunday was good enough for her. Kids were thrown into the deep end {all of Jonathan's fatherhood dreams}, bright orange Popsicles dripped down swimsuits, and goggle tan lines began to form.

If this start to the swimming season is an indication of the summer vibes coming our way,
I'm ready to jump in... {except it was still a bit too cold for this mama}.
Happy Monday, y'all. How did you spend your weekend?


Unknown said...

Sounds like summer to me, gardening and enjoying the pool with kids! At what age did your boys start swim lessons?

Jessica Bauer said...

Hi Adria! They both started at four. They were apprehensive about the water when they were three, so I wanted to wait until they were more comfortable. They each took one week two years in a row, and that was plenty. Who knows what Nora will do, but she seems to have way more courage in the water. (Which is a bit scary and a good reason to start lessons!!)