Monday, June 12, 2017

After Eleven Years

The night of our eleventh wedding anniversary was spent together beside the ocean.

My husband and I drew long breaths of salty air and reminisced about our fresh start. As we stared into the distant shades of blue, not knowing where sky dissolved into water, our concentration was broken by a splash on the shore. It was our six-year-old son with his siblings close behind, scrambling to catch a sand crab before it buried into hiding.

This was followed by an inspired performance of Moana songs from Nora, who stood on a self-made sand stage, and keeping up with Nathan, who was schooling strangers on crab-catching techniques.

The waves continued to lap onto the shore, always moving, but never the same.

Last Friday, June 9, Jonathan treated me to a romantic date during our family Florida vacation. First, we cruised into the sunset on a catamaran. We spotted dolphins and sat as close as is allowed in public while the red sun sank beneath the horizon. Then it was on to a night of fine dining {we’re talking white tablecloths and French words}. I ate the best meal of my life while the breeze whipped my hair and the love of my life winked at me. It was heaven on the beach, and I treasured every minute.

The night of June 10, our actual anniversary, was the last of our trip. Deciding we needed one last look at the waves, we took the kids crabbing. We walked behind them as they darted in and out of the water, filling buckets and making memories. While date nights are vital to my soul and our relationship, this look at what our wedding made was surreal.

We’ve come a long way in eleven years, and the five of us standing on the beach while Saturday night fireworks boomed overhead made it clear. This is the result of our marriage.

Beneath the greens and purples flashing above the water, Nora danced around us. She crooned a sweet anniversary song, and one of my favorite lines was “Good job, Mom and Dad!”

Eleven years ago, my sister-in-law read from the New Testament during our wedding ceremony. This reading included the age-old words lining out exactly what love is. Love is patient and kind, it doesn’t boast or anger. It protects and trusts and hopes. In closing, I’d like to tack onto that page in Corinthians.

Love is hard. Love is scary. Love requires insurmountable bravery and the ability to step without looking. Love can come as natural as breathing, but love takes white-knuckled work. Love can bend and break, heal and save, lead and follow. Love is two people clueless as to how the universe will treat them, but going forward anyway. Love is building and growing, changing and moving, adjusting and readjusting. Love is going where the wind blows. Together.

Today and always I thank my lucky stars that the wind blew me his way. We have built a beautiful life together and like the tide, it’s always changing. No day is ever the same, and I love it.

Happy Anniversary, Jonathan. You make life an adventure and I love being along for the ride.
Good job. 😊

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Kay said...

Beautiful way to celebrate.