Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear June

Ahh, June. The garden is growing, the temps are rising, and the kids are asking for lunch at 10:00.

This month is my favorite month, for reasons that include but are not limited to: my birthday. However, I already wrote a post on why I loved June enough to make it Nora's middle name. Today, I want to wish you and yours a happy month of sunshine and happiness and give you insight as to why I'm glad the 2017 edition is here. I even tossed in a thumbs-down just to make things interesting. Read on to see what this month holds for me, and let me know what you're planning with your own June bugs.

BEACH: The main reason a smile has been plastered on my face since I ripped off the May page and tossed it in the trash is the word "vacation" that's brightly highlighted. My family is headed to the Emerald Coast of Florida real soon and I am real overdue for a break. I've had a hectic few weeks ticking off my to-do list to wrap up the school year, and I think I have it covered. I'm ready for a week of no worries and the Moana soundtrack on loop.

BIRTHDAY: You may have remembered there's a special day coming up. Aren't you sweet?! I turn 33 on June 22 and I honestly don't mind at all. I don't know how we'll celebrate, but I'm not ready to stop counting candles yet. I have made the formal decision that living out these 30s is going to be fantastic. I know who I am, I know what I want, and I know my priorities. Being an adult isn't too awful, really.

BETROTHED: For the sake of alliteration, the first word I chose for this paragraph was bae. Aren't you glad I kept thinking? This Saturday will mark 11 years that Jonathan and I have been married. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. It's not for the weak, and it's not for the cowardly. Marriage takes strength, and that's what we have. That's the thing that makes me proudest about our love - its strength.

BONKERS: I can't tell you all the delightful activities my kids and I have lined up to fill our summer free time. I also can't tell you that in our first full day together I didn't scream "STOP SAYING 'BUTT' TO YOUR SISTER!" and "DON'T TATTLE WHILE I'M ON THE TOILET!" However, the kids and I have paid close attention to our garden {which is flourishing, by the way}, we've snagged pool time, and they've been big help with household chores. There will never be a picture-perfect summer schedule here, but I think I can tolerate them for a few months... What does your June look like?


Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I loved all your beach pictures! What fun to take the kids this year. I know they loved it.

Dorothy Johnson said...

Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Happy Birthday a little early. We just go back from Navarre Beach. Just love the Emerald Coast.

Jessica Bauer said...

It's my happy place, Dorothy! And Talya, there are plenty more where those came from! I'll have a post full of kid/beach photos up later this week. 😊