Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Crib: Part II

{The Crib: Part I was written when Owen had to make room for Nora. Times, they are a-changing.}

A few nights ago I was rocking in the puffy white chair in Nora's nursery.

The letters that spell her name hang right where I placed them four years ago, and she lay in the crib that's been part of our family for a decade. Her body has yet to outgrow its length, but she's getting there. She tossed around behind the tall white bars and I peered at her blue eyes until they finally closed for good.

Three different sets of eyes have watched me through those bars during the start of a thousand bedtimes. I've scrambled to reach over the side when one of my babies was sick or afraid. I have removed, and washed, and cursed the reapplication of crib sheets countless times. And I still don't quite know how to lower the front of it.

A few nights ago, as I was rocking and watching, I pulled out my phone to the one page that can ease my worried mind when questions paw at my brain. Google. I blinked rapidly while typing "When should child get out of a crib?" My crazy was quickly affirmed by Internet strangers.

People on various baby forums scoffed at toddlers who had yet to make the move. Nora has never attempted a crib escape. Nora's never even balked at the idea that she sleeps in one. She's always seemed pretty cozy, honestly. However, when I closed that screen, I texted Jonathan to ask if we could change Nora's crib into a toddler bed. My daughter will turn four a week from Saturday. She's enrolled in preschool, she takes piano lessons and she knows her right hand from her left. She can open Capri Suns by herself and unload the dishwasher like a champ. She is not a baby.

I told him I wasn't sad about her growing up and I'm not overly attached to an outdated piece of furniture, I'm just a bit anchored to this "baby stage" of parenting.

I've been here a while, you know.

We removed the front panel of the crib to turn it into the big girl bed Nora never knew she wanted. I set up her quilt and all of her stuffed animals to look like a cute daybed, and she was obsessed. She loves the freedom it brings, and as she looked at me sitting in that white rocking chair across from her, she smiled and said "I can see you now, Mom!"

She's only had a few nights of independence in her new setup, but she is sleeping all night and doing great. Perhaps we held out on this change too long, but everybody fared through it well. I really am enjoying this stage of parenting older kids {think of the fortune I'm saving without diapers and formula}, but it's always a little hard for me to close a book. Especially such a classic.

Now to try to sell the changing table... and the swing and the bounce seat and the highchair, etc. Any takers?

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ursula said...

That crib has memories attached.