Friday, June 16, 2017

The Garden Grind

I have a tough "Would you rather?" question for you this afternoon.

Would you rather... stand in your veggie garden in the thick evening heat, bending to scoop uprooted weeds to hoist into the wheelbarrow as buzzing mosquitoes surround you? Or walk toward the house to check on your children who are fighting in the A/C, their screams rising enough to permeate the walls of your home?

If the bite cream currently slathered on my body is any indication, you know my choice.

Mid-June is not harvest season here, but it's time to get the work horses going. Since we don't have any horses, that means my husband and I sweating in the garden. We have been pulling up the awful Bermuda grass that took root while we were in Florida, cultivating the base of each plant to give it breathing room, and checking every tiny fruit for signs of infiltration. We're not playing with bugs this year.

At this point, everything is growing beautifully and I think this year's garden is our best rowed version yet. I have seen itty bitty cucumbers, pint-sized peppers, and teeny tomatoes of all shapes and sizes. We even have thriving bean plants full of white flowers, something we haven't seen in years due to rude rabbits. This year we put the beans on the other side of the cucumber fence to see if it would confuse them. Maybe it did?

Eventually Nora decided to join and get her hands {and face} a little dirty:

She talked to all twenty tomato plants and helped pick weeds until she spotted an ant on her hand. After that she hightailed it back to her boisterous brothers, leaving behind her parents, her chickens, and a quiet, sweltering garden. The chickens were being so well behaved, I might have asked Lemon if she had room for one more in the coop. You may think I'm saying crazy things just to sound quirky.

I can assure you I am not.

Once I decided dealing with my children was better than sleeping near chicken manure, we wrapped up the evening and promised our return. Weekend plans include tilling the pathways, adding a thick layer of compost, and doing a little every day so it doesn't get out of hand {like it has every year before this one}.

We obviously have some work to do, but for now we are pretty proud of our garden.
How are things growing in your yard?

Happy weekend and happy gardening, y'all.

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