Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Other Artist

This special Hump Day edition of my blog is brought to you by our family's budding artist!

No, no... the other one.

When it became clear that Owen was blessed with the coordination gene that skipped both his mother and his big brother, everyone was so happy to tack the "sporty" moniker onto him. Can you imagine if he didn't have something to compete with his brother who's amazing at everything else? The horror! "Owen the Sporty" proved 'em wrong though, and you can imagine the smug grin resting on my face. Just because Nathan set the bar high doesn't mean his siblings won't reach it.

As it turns out, Owen is quite the artist. PE Mondays took precedence over art Thursdays, but I was amazed by the kindergarten art portfolio he lugged home. He grinned as I paged through his work, and he was quick to answer my questions about mediums and style. Nathan loved looking through it, too, not seeing his brother as a threat, but as a protégé.

Today, as a treat to you, I thought I would share a few of those pages. Yes, this is a blog post that features my kid's artwork. There's no life lesson nor deep thinking involved, unless the Pete the Cat and cupcake piece shown above speaks to you. If you're not here for a mom post, click around the tabs above for other topics. If you are here for the mom posts, and of course you are, enjoy!

He's even a vibrant story-teller, too! ;) Happy Wednesday, friends.

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