Monday, July 3, 2017

Dear July

July started with a bang around here, and we haven't even made our fireworks purchase yet.

Early yesterday we loaded a playlist with all the country songs that reference lakes, boats, and/or the sweetness of summer. We gathered as much sandwich fixings and snacks as our SUV allowed and headed for the Iron Mountain Marina at DeGray Lake. This was the first lake day for Owen and Nora and Nathan hadn't been in six years, so we didn't know what they'd do. However, as soon as these kids got their sea legs on our pontoon rental, they became card-carrying members of the redneck yacht club.

Not one of them thought twice as they wiggled into the water for a swim. They were jumping off the side in no time, and once they learned the official lake rule of "Never open your mouth underwater," they were hooked. We also decided to try some tubing this time, and would you believe all three did it? The boys took a tumble on their first ride, but were brave enough to keep going. I even took a turn on the tube with my three-year-old baby, whose tiny thumb stayed up the whole time to signal an a-okay ride.

From lounging in the shade, munching Doritos to ramping waves across the lake, my children were initiated as lake kids. Growing up I had several friends whose parents fit the "lake people" description and I had my fill of weekends on the water. I love that these kids got a taste of it this weekend.

As of today, the kids are convinced we need to go every weekend and I'm finding boat shopping searches in my browser history. We'll see just how far this rides out...

The day was perfect and such a lovely slice of summertime. Sure, getting the boat loaded with supplies and every kid took a little work, but lying on the deck of the boat and letting the sunshine carry me was 100% worth it. I really hope our start to July 2017 is a prime example of the rest of it. We have big plans this month: celebrating the birth of our nation, throwing two birthday parties, reaping the harvest of an incredible garden season, and enjoying plenty of pool days. All of these things take work, but all of these things will be worth it.

We'll end July smelling like chlorine, bug spray, and tomato plants and I, for one, am first in line.


Unknown said...

That's what I want to end July smelling like, too! Fun memories.

Candace said...

Awe! Looks like you guys had a blast! Summer lakes days are some of my best childhood memories with family. Good luck with the boat search - it think my husband has that same itch! Thanks for sharing!