Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How's it Growing?

This morning I woke up with my entire family in my bed and bursts of thunder shaking the walls.

Lightning flashed and the early morning colors looked more like the dead of night. I did my best to roll everyone off my bed to get ready for a post-late-night-fireworks-show day. I downed as much coffee as I could handle and ushered the sleepy kids through the door. Since this morning's moody skies aren't doing much for my demeanor, let's talk about one topic that does: my garden!

Before I go on, please assist me in finding some wood to knock on. This year's garden is the best we've ever grown, and I'm about to make some claims that I don't want zapped by the next storm that rolls through.
Thank you for your cooperation.

This picture shows the back half of my garden, an area I like to refer to as tomato heaven. There are literally {literally} hundreds of green tomatoes dotting the twenty flourishing plants. Every plant has overtaken its cage, which is rare for us mid-season. Every plant is still a vibrant green and I've only cut one worm in half thus far. There's one tomato on my kitchen counter that is reddening as we speak, and so many more days from turning on the vine. I'm ready, and I hope everyone I know within a thirty-mile radius is, too.

Behind tomato heaven, as you can see, are the tallest sunflowers we have ever grown. Nora was thrilled when they outgrew her, then her brothers, then her mom, and now they're gaining on Jonathan. Once they open their faces to the sunlight, the view will be breathtaking.

Not shown in the picture, but making a grand appearance, are the cucumbers. On the first harvest day, I brought in ten. Then every day following that one, I brought in ten. We have eaten so many already and given even more to our family and our chickens. Last week we did a taste-test at my mom's house comparing our homegrown to a store-bought variety. There was no candle to hold, my friends. There is a huge difference in taste and I'll be happy to show you. Seriously. Hit me up. Bona Fide Bauer Backyard Cucumbers.

Green bean picking should start tomorrow and we're just waiting on the plentiful purple hull peas to get big enough. All of Jonathan's mom's porch shelling dreams will come true before too long! We also have okra starting to set in and the peppers... Oh my goodness, the peppers.

If you've read along with my garden saga over the years, you'll know peppers give us trouble. They usually don't start to grow until late July, and by September they consider giving us a little something. This year we've had to implement cages, as the plants are falling over because of all the fruit. We have about 10 bells needing to be picked, we're just waiting on a day we can be home to use them. We also planted poblano peppers for the first time and they have become the biggest pepper plants this hard has ever seen.

Even though it was too wet to snap photos this morning, just talking about the situation in my yard has lifted my mood. Maybe it even gave you a boost, too! This particular garden is my happy place. Every sense is filled with calm when I walk out there and the work feels less like labor and more like therapy. Gardening is my favorite. Here's to sunnier skies and more opportunity to get out and enjoy it.

Happy Hump Day, y'all!


Southern Blue Celebrations said...

Wow. I'm impressed. My garden is doing pretty good but your garden looks amazing. Must be all of that great help that you have.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Sheila! I honestly think we've gotten extremely lucky with weather and timing this year, but I think my little planters added something to it, too. :)