Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nora's Moana Luau

I've been stirring at the edge of the water...

Okay, actually I've been staring at the edge of my kitchen, appreciating the beautiful Moana decorations from this weekend's party and also wishing they'd take themselves down. If you didn't gather from a couple of the answers on Nora's birthday interview, Moana is Nora's favorite. She can sing most of the songs word for word, and you should see her Maui eyebrow impersonation. Naturally, she knew just what to choose for her birthday party theme.

Nora invited family and friends to our house Saturday to celebrate luau-style. While I found zero Moana items at the party store, I cashed in on all things Hawaiian. I had a cart full of everything from palm tree toothpicks to a grass skirt perfect for our kitchen island. Honestly, I think they saw me coming. Bright colors washed the kitchen with accents of hot pink hibiscus flowers and ocean-colored tableware. I also bought this downloadable banner from Etsy and printed a few of the Moana characters to throw on the wall.

We stuck to the theme for our menu, too. The most... adventurous part was making the Heart of Te Fiti cookies. I stole the idea from this blog, though we didn't actually use the recipe. We did, however, follow the rolling methods. My mom and I held our breath as the knife sunk in the dough, and when we pulled the two sides apart we couldn't believe it... the Heart of Te Fiti! The cookies turned out so great that Nora {who cannot read the description card} knew what they were.

We also had a few standbys jazzed up with Moana names: Maui's meatballs, Hei Hei's Fresh Fruit, Fish + Chips, Moana's Boat Oars {pretzels}, and Tamatoa's Punch {Sprite and blue Hawaiian Punch and pineapple juice}. The snacks were a hit with the kids and you know I couldn't stay away from those meatballs. Nora also picked out the cake design after scanning through so many Google images. We ordered it from The Picket Fence in Hope and it turned out gorgeous:

No, Nora and company did not take a journey to find themselves, but they did make a splash! A small pool and slip-in-slide in the yard made for some easy entertainment and a great chance for the adults to sip punch and catch up in the shade. After cracking open the tiki piƱata {that Owen would love for me to make sure you know he broke}, the party guests were sent home with leis and hopefully good memories of a fun party.

So far Age Four has been good to Nora. She spent the whole party interacting with her friends and enjoying her presents. She even got her first bike and didn't hesitate to take it for a spin. I can't wait to see what this year brings for our daughter, but I do think we kicked it off in style. Happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Such cute ideas!

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

Adorable! You went all out. Those cookies are impressive! Happy birthday, Nora!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, you two. :) It was such a fun party to throw and she ended up loving it!