Friday, July 14, 2017

Picking & Grinning

We're in full harvest mode around here, my friends.

My kitchen table is covered in cucumbers, my counter-tops are decorated with tomatoes of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and my crisper drawer is full of green beans. The peppers horn their way in the nooks and crannies, and it looks like I'm ready to go to market... {and by that I mean force vegetables on everyone I see}.

The last time I posted about how wonderfully this year's garden is producing, I had little evidence. Today I am here to delight your Friday with photos. Last night Nora and I were on the hunt for two things requested by a friend: cucumbers and poblano peppers. Although Nora stopped to squeal at all of the teeny peppers, she let them be. She grabbed only the stems of only the largest specimens, twisted, pulled, and tossed them into my apron.

PSA: If you have a garden, you need a Roo Apron. This is in no way sponsored. I think Jonathan got it for my birthday a few years ago and it changed the game. I use it for my pickings, when I snip dead branches, when I weed, and anything else I'd otherwise pile up on the ground. You need it. Buy it.

This week our harvests have been overflowing. We've been delivering plastic bags to friends and family, but we're getting close to the preservation stage. We have never made our own salsa, but that's the direction Jonathan would like to go. We'll soon be searching for the best recipes, but let me know yours in the comments, please!

Aside from my snacks of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, we have cooked a bit of our backyard spoils. Jonathan's mom just moved south and he helped her break her new kitchen in Wednesday night. One of the sides to their amazing pork chop meal was a mess of green beans. After snapping them, they were roasted with garlic and onion and chicken broth and they tasted incredible.

We also gave her the first batch of purple hull peas, and she shelled them right away. Even though I know how this seed-to-table thing works, it's amazing to see new crops come to life. The perfect little peas were tucked inside the deep plum shells, and Grammy said they were perfect. When I walked in the other morning to leave the boys with her, the smell of peas and ham filled the air. She told me she froze the extras and I told her there's much more where that came from.

My favorite season is in full swing around here and the garden is peaking in its happiness properties. It's nice to literally enjoy the fruits {re: vegetables} of our labor. Have a lovely weekend!

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