Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Lovin'

There are just three and a half weeks until the First Day photos start rolling in.

Not that I'm counting by any means... but this summer has done some rolling itself. As is the tendency for summertime, the days have been long but the weeks have been blinks. Today I looked at the calendar and in realizing we're nearing the end of July, my brain is cranking up to switch gears. It's moving like molasses, but it's moving.

The encroaching school year not only means that my kids have to wake up earlier and pay attention for eight hours, it means I have a youth group and Sunday school class to teach. While I'm starting to look at lesson plans and event ideas and do my backpack shopping and class list stalking, it's still summer. I don't want to be behind when a new routine sneaks in, but I don't want to waste any time, either.

This summer has been amazing. It may even go on record as literally being the best ever for this bunch. We're trying to squeeze out every last drop and that means late evenings wandering the gorgeous garden with my husband, splashing in the cool of the pool, watching movies for hours on end, and just enjoying one another. Here are a few of my favorite summer things so far:

  • The taste of the year's first homegrown tomato {and knowing there are hundreds more where it came from}.
  • Seeing my husband dwarfed by the gargantuan sunflowers.
  • The love Owen has for Louis {the cat} and even more so the fact that it's mutual.
  • Nora's obsession with picking veggies.
  • Sitting on the couch and getting lost in Nathan's incredible musical talent.
  • Our week at the beach. Every kid said it was the highlight of our summer.
  • Our day at the lake. Every kid is asking when their dad is going to buy a boat.
  • Slow evenings of to-go dinners and snuggling on the couch.
  • That the kids have time with all of their grandparents {especially when it means a parental getaway}.
  • Saturday morning donuts and full-on pajama days.
  • Standing in the kitchen with my whole family, with every hand helping make dinner.
  • Frequent movie dates with just the five of us. Popcorn and sour straws for all!

While those are some memories that have made this summer one to remember, I do not want this to come across as an end to our days in the sun. In the spirit of list-making, here some things I'd like to add before that first early alarm:

  • Make homegrown garden salsa.
  • Spend more afternoons at my parents' pool.
  • Help my kids with summer projects. {go on and subscribe to B Brothers TV, won't you?}
  • Make it to a nearby water park one last time.
  • Slow down, stop worrying about August, and relax.

You may have guessed that last one is aimed at me. You're pretty smart. This morning kicked off my annual late summer scramble, paired with my brain reminding me that "Hey, there's A, B, C, D, and also probably E that you should've done by now." I wanted to exhale and remind myself that summer isn't over.

And also maybe push those nagging to-dos down the list a little further...

Happy Hump Day, y'all. I hope you are enjoying this summer to the fullest, and if not, you'd better get to cracking! Let's make the most of what we have left.

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