Thursday, August 31, 2017

Adventures with Cupcake

{The day Nora discovered that Snapchat picks up doll faces was a good one.}

Everybody at preschool knows Nora's favorite baby doll by name.

When we walk through the door in the mornings, we're met with "Hey Nora! Hey Cupcake!" Nora just grins and cradles her doll closer, grasping for the strength to hold back her goodbye tears. At pickup time, I have found a crowd of preschoolers glued to a movie with none other than Cupcake sitting smack in the middle, just as captivated by the cartoon of the day. I'm surprised Cupcake doesn't have a cubby of her own yet.

With the help of her sweet-faced sidekick, Nora June's imagination has been going 90 to nothing lately. Just the other night, she was fixing my hair and with a syrup-thick Southern accent she was telling me about her children's amazing dance recital. In the middle of coloring my hair rainbow and pink, her phone rang. She looked at the plastic screen and let out one dramatic sigh. "It's my kid, I've gotta answer. I'm a mom too, you know." I knew, obviously, so I urged her to take the call. Her daughter, Cupcake Cake Strawberry Jeff Bauer, needed her home ASAP because she broke the microwave and her dad was busy at the fire station. That's life.

Sometimes Cupcake is a sassy teen, sometimes Cupcake is a newborn baby, but every time Cupcake is by her mother's side. I've watched them dodge killer sharks during a beach vacation. I've seen them help the patriarch of the family when the dance studio caught fire and he called for back up. I've even seen Nora work her weekend job as a nurse while she administered Cupcake's shots and fixed her broken hand... and arm... and leg... and other leg.

Although at this point you can only take Nora's wild tales with a grain of salt, it's fun to watch the wheels turn toward her next big plot twist. Whether she and Cupcake are famous pop stars ready to take the stage or a mild-mannered family enjoying dinner at the table, I happily accept my invitation into her world. The boys and I get front-row seats into the depths of my daughter's mind and you know we're always ready to pop that popcorn and settle in for the show.

Nora's imagination is a good sign she knows she can do anything.
I can't wait to be front row, center when I find out which of these dreams she turns into reality.

{You know... except that shark thing.}

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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