Friday, August 11, 2017

Stay in School

"Give me one reason to stay here... okay, make it ten!"

Yesterday my family made the classroom rounds for our district's open house. This was a day both boys were looking forward to, because Nathan needed to know who was in his homeroom and Owen's fear of the unknown was reaching what's-under-the-bed levels. They were happy to put a face with the name that topped their class lists, but phrases like "homework three times a week" and "we work bell to bell" made them realize there's no turning back. Hate to break it to them, but Monday's still going to come.

I know the kids will settle into their new school experiences once routine kicks in, but I've been steadily convincing them the first ringing bell doesn't signal a prison sentence. If your kids are dreading turning in lazy days for agenda books, maybe the following reasons could help.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons My Kids Should Be PUMPED About School:

  1. FRIENDS Nathan has seen a few of his buddies throughout the summer, but he is very eager to get to talk to his friends every single day. Owen is apprehensive about a bigger room with bigger desks, but he can't wait to share a class with two kids from his ball team. These kids get to spend their days with people who are not their mother. This reason alone should get them up with the sun on Monday.

  2. PLAYGROUNDS Owen's favorite part about kindergarten was racing his classmates to be the first on the swings and Nora finally gets to play outside in preschool! Fresh air and freedom!

  3. LUNCH I'm not afraid to admit that many a Lunchable will be packed this year, but when you're eating crackers and meat circles with friends at the lunch box table, they taste even better.

  4. LEARNING Oh right, there's a reason for spending half a day in a classroom. I've been telling Owen that first-grade was the most impressive of Nathan's primary school career. The kid entered that class starting to pick apart words, and left able to read the dictionary. The change at this age is unbelievable. And I will assume fifth-grade math questions will divert to Jonathan.

  5. BE BRAVE Another reason my kids will have an epic first day is because they get a chance to show their strength. Owen will gather his courage to walk down the first-grade hall alone. Nathan will exhale and walk into a cafeteria full of his peers before the bell rings. Nora will tell me goodbye without tears. It's hard, but it can sure boost that self confidence.

  6. PROVE YOURSELF Owen can read. Nathan can rattle off his multiplication facts. Nora can write her name. And now it's time to prove it. I know I'm looking forward to all the light bulbs that are going to click on this year, but more so, I'm looking forward to seeing it all over their faces.

  7. PEP RALLIES And field trips and class plays... anything that gets them out of the classroom and onto a bus, really. They get to go places without parents, and one of these places involves crazy dancing and really loud yelling. What more could a kid need?

  8. RAINY DAYS Although Owen tells me recess was his favorite part of kindergarten, there was a special place in his heart for rainy days. Inside recess meant cramming three classes full of kids the same age into one room to watch a movie and giggle. That sounds way better than watching movies on a couch while your siblings poke you.

  9. TEACHERS The teachers in our schools are awesome, and it seems all three kids hit the jackpot. It's important for kids to have a net of adults who know and truly love them. This school year will give my kids another set of adults they can trust and model their lives after. I think that's a pretty good reason to go.

  10. BE PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER While the five of us have had a great summer together, there is so much more beyond the walls of our home. The sense of community that often comes with the school year is something I envy myself {take me back to fifth-grade!}. Alma mater all together now...

After writing this post, I am excited to go back to school, but I'm not so lucky. It may take a few more rounds of convincing for my kids, but I know they'll be ready for what lies ahead. I can't wait to see them conquer it on their own.

{Although I could do without the inevitable first morning madness.}

Good luck to all the students, teachers, and nervous moms and dads. Remember to set those alarms a few minutes early and take deep breaths in the car line traffic jam. We can do it!

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