Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Watermelon Queen

Sweaty curls, a hunk of juicy melon, and an expression of pure bliss...

We're expecting a call from the Hope Watermelon Festival any day now, because y'all know this kid is front-of-the-brochure worthy.

This weekend we participated in one of my favorite hot weather activities. This year's festival was the 41st of its kind, and I'm pretty sure my mom has pint-sized shirts of mine that date way back to 1992. I've gone every year for a long time, and even though the sticky humidity makes it hard to stay longer than an hour, it's tradition.

While we {obviously} hit up the foot-long corn dog stand and spent a lot of hard-earned dollars on lemonade, the most memorable stop this year was the watermelon tent. For a mere two bucks, my mom bought a quarter of a giant melon and plopped it down in front of Nora. Before we could dole out the forks to dig into this tasty late-summer treat, my daughter went in face first.

The only regret I had in this moment was not being near my real camera. However, I was quick with my phone and I think it did a decent job of capturing the moment.

While you're toiling away at your job on this hot midweek afternoon, I want to share a few photos just to make you smile. I even have a soundtrack for you to click before reading further. No, she was not entered in any watermelon pageant this year {because let's face it, it would have been unfair}, but Nora was unofficially crowned watermelon queen. And yes, she let both me and Nathan share. Her highness does have royal manners, after all. This photo shoot was full of shock at the wonders of watermelon, feats of strength, and one happy kid... Festival volunteers, be sure to hit me up if you're ever looking for a melon model!

Happy Hump Day, y'all! Have you bitten into a world-famous Hope watermelon lately?

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