Thursday, September 14, 2017

B Brothers TV

If you haven't heard of this new YouTube channel, you're probably living under a rock.

{Or maybe you're just not my Facebook friend...}

As is likely the case for most kids their age, my boys have a strong desire to be launched into Internet fame. They sit around after school watching other kids pull millions of dollars from opening toys or eating spicy food in front of a camera. It sounds simple enough, so why can't we stack up some cash around here?

For a very long time now, Owen and Nathan have expressed a desire for their own YouTube channel. They're funny, they're cute, and they have done a ridiculous amount of research. I've put their antics on my not-so-publicized channel, and I've shared several of Owen's vlog attempts, but I never let them take over... until now.

My one stipulation for creating content for mass consumption was a desire to take it seriously. I told Nathan I would not edit, I would not come up with video ideas, and I would not tolerate fighting while filming. As you may imagine, it took years for them both to come to terms with this. Over the summer, though, they got it together. They only have five videos up right now, but they have plenty of kooky ideas for more content.

While I am obviously their No. One fan, I think the video they published last night is my favorite. It is a jelly bean challenge that dissolves into them simply eating jelly beans on camera. It doesn't sound like very riveting content, but trust me, it's worth a watch. I lost it in the first few seconds of the video when Nathan noticed his brother looked a mess. Attempt a "try not to laugh" challenge for your own channel using this video. I bet you three dollars you crack.

Yes, Owen and Nathan are the brains behind B Brothers TV. Nathan does all the editing, even coming up with the slick intros and theme music, and Owen provides that comic relief. My only role is uploading {and getting the word out}.

While Owen's already booked his one-way ticket to a two-story mansion in California, "All the famous Youtubers live in two-story houses!" I don't see fame on the horizon just yet. There sure is a lot of fun, though. To help these boys on their quest for stardom, why don't you go visit their channel and subscribe? Aside from the video I've embedded here, there's an informative Q&A and you can watch Owen fail at bottle flipping. This material is pure gold, friends.

I know my kids aren't the only ones out there who want "YouTube Star" on their résumés one day. Does anyone else have kids with their own channel or a habit of bugging you for one? Link up in the comments and we'll rocket these kids to the top of the charts. ;)

Happy Thursday, y'all, and "we'll see you in the next video."

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