Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Down at the County Fair

This year's walk around the county fair taught our family three important lessons:
  1. Nora is terrified of enormous pigs.
  2. Owen and Nathan have played enough Goat Simulator that they now speak the language.
  3. If there's only one small cow patty in the walking path at the time of our browsing, someone will step in it.
The first week of September brings the county fair to town, but amusement is not the main focus of this event. We are all about prize-winning sheep, ribbon-bearing jelly jars, and wonderful paintings from locals hoping to be recognized. This year I actually took two trips to the exhibit hall because for the first in my life I was a Field Trip Mom.

When Nora's teacher asked me if I was available to help her cart four-year-olds to look at the animals, I could not think of a reason to get out of it {kidding, I promise}. Now that I'm sans children on Fridays, I can finally help in classrooms. Trust me, it's never fun to be in charge of passing out valentines with a one-year-old attached to your leg. I showed up last Friday morning to load four little girls into four little booster seats. Since it's a Friday in football season, most of them were dressed like this:

I obviously helped herd cats, but I also got to eavesdrop on Nora talking to her buddies like some kind of big girl. Weird, right? Highlights of the morning included all of the squeals when we made it to the bunnies and the kids' realization that every preschool entry got a first-place ribbon. Nora was thrown off when a gigantic pig tried to escape over his enclosure {who wouldn't?}, but she recovered.

I was doing my best to help round up the wild gang, so I didn't get a chance to see whether the boys' art entries placed. Naturally, after school we loaded back up and went out again. This time, however, we skipped the pig row.

The elementary school drawings were themed "Wildflowers of Arkansas" and their awesome art teacher said they could take that direction. Nathan decided to go the anime route and weave in a floral pattern. When the art teacher stopped me in the car line to tell me I needed to check it out, I knew it would be good. Comparing Nathan's first-place fair win to the one he got a mere two years ago shows amazing progress. I can't wait to see what he does with this talent.

Owen told me the first-grade artists were asked to draw whatever they wanted, and to him that meant a neighborhood. His quaint little houses dotted with flowers and a bright blue sky earned him a bright blue first-place ribbon as well. Yes that makes three top spot wins at this year's fair. Now I'm kicking myself for not entering a giant tomato or a jar of sweet pickled peppers or at least a photograph of my kids being cute. Surely that last one would be a shoe-in.

There's always next year!

Have you been to the 2017 county fair? Are your kids scared of pigs? Have you ever heard of Goat Simulator? Join me in the comments and let's get these burning questions answered!
Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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